playtime pinspiration

Roadtesting some great toddler activities and crafts that I’ve found on Pinterest…

Playtime Pinspiration - cuddles and muddles and muddy puddles

You know all those amazing images you pin like crazy on Pinterest but never actually do anything with? (Not just me, surely?) Well, I decided that there were too many great play ideas on my boards for me to pin and forget about. Every month I try to take at least one of my pins and road test it. We have been having a lot of fun discovering new ways to play. Take a look at a few of our favourites below. Or read about all our Playtime Pinspirations here.

Why not join in the fun, too? I’d love to hear of your own pinspirations or whether you have tried any of the activities on our list.

NB: This is just for fun – no Pinterest pressure here! Some things are made to be pinned and dreamed about, no further action needed. OK. Just wanted to make that clear… On with the fun :)

Playtime Pinspiration - Homemade lightbox

Playtime Pinspiration - Painting with water

Playtime Pinspiration - Pretend play for Pancake Day

Playtime Pinspiration - Bringing winter indoors

Playtime Pinspiration - Playing with snowdough

Read about all our Playtime Pinspirations here.

Visit the cuddles & muddles & muddy puddles Pinterest boards for lots of brilliant play ideas.


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