Toddler Activities

Fun toddler activities and crafts to keep you and your little one busy! 

There are a lot of hours to fill at home with a toddler… Take a look at the list below for some toddler activity ideas that we have tried and tested that have helped our day to go (a little) more smoothly.

Book play, messy play, imaginative play, outdoor play, active play, sensory play, seasonal play… You name it, we will try it!

Book play for toddlers

Taking a listening walk

Cosy autumn book den

Imaginative play for toddlers

Indoor snow day

Witch's kitchen game for toddlers

Creative play for toddlers – arts, crafts and sensory play

Turning off the lights

Making a sensory bottle

Outdoor play for toddlers

We're going on a puddle hunt

Painting with sticks and apples

Reading with toddlers

Holidays and the Seasons

Fireworks paper plates - cuddles & muddles & muddy puddles

Beautiful autumn leaves collage

Playtime Pinspiration

Playtime Pinspiration - Homemade lightbox

Playtime Pinspiration - Painting with water

Baby play


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