Farm sensory tub

Create a sensory tub with a farm theme for tactile imaginative play for toddlers and pre-schoolers…

Farm sensory tub

This was a very easy activity to set up, usingĀ our trusty storage box and a mixture of dried rice and lentils leftover from our baking sensory tub. Into this, I added a selection of farm animals, both plastic and wooden, plus a few props such as tractors, fences, trees and a Happyland building to represent a farmhouse/barn (it was actually a toy shop but we used our imaginations!).

To add to the sensory element, I also included some scoop scissors and an old Quality Street tub, so that ToddlerGirl could do some scooping and pouring. These were the first things she reached for. She loved using the scissors, spending some time transferring the rice and lentils out of the tub and back in again.

Farm sensory tub scooping and pouring

She then moved onto playing with the farm pieces themselves, making a little henhouse area using the fence and some wooden blocks, then adding a path from this to the house using some old milk bottle tops. The farmer and his family made several trips along the path and back again, checking on the animals along the way.

The animals were buried under the rice and lentils before being crammed into the building because it was apparently a bit chilly and a big storm was coming. Once safely inside, ToddlerGirl grabbed handfuls of the rice and dropped them slowly over the house: “Pitter patter, it’s raining!” It really did make a good rain sound!

Pretend play with the farm sensory tub

ToddlerGirl enjoyed playing with this for a good hour or more. The combination of sensory and small world pretend play was a real winner. Given how much she enjoys them and the amount of play they generate, I really want to do more of these simple sensory tubs this year!