Dreaming of holidays… #fiveforfriday

Following our recent weekend away, I’ve been reminiscing about some of the holidays I took BC (Before Children).

As I was writing about our weekend, it got me thinking about how different it is to go away with a baby/toddler in tow! I’ve been lucky enough to visit some amazing places, destinations that I can’t imagine doing right now with our young family. (That’s not to say you can’t travel with little ones; there are lots of people who do. But we’re not quite at the point of wanting to attempt long haul or anything too adventurous at the moment!)

It’s hard to choose an absolute favourite holiday but having given it some serious thought during a couple of nightfeeds, the ones below are probably my top five.

1. Canada – Toronto, Niagra Falls, Montreal, Quebec, Prince Edward Island
Oh, how I loved this whole holiday but most especially visiting Prince Edward Island. Where I’d wanted to visit since reading Anne of Green Gables as a child. Where the husband proposed. Definitely top of my ‘special holidays’ list.

Beautiful Prince Edward Island

2. New Zealand
I’ve got relatives in NZ and have made it over there three times. It’s beautiful. Best bits: colourful volcanic weirdness at Roturua; stunning scenery at Queenstown; amazing, pouring with rain boat trip on Milford Sound; beautiful Bay of Islands. When can I go again?

Milford Sound rain

3. Boston, Cape Cod and Maine
This was a brilliant, healing holiday following a tough time. I’d love to return one day. When I remember it I think of brownstones, boat trips, whales, wooden houses, white Aidorondack chairs, beautiful beaches, lots of fresh sea air. Oh, and Hurricane Earl, which we were more than a little worried about, being from the UK with no experience of what to do if caught in a hurricane (the Great Storm of 1987 doesn’t really count!).

Cape Cod amazing beaches

4. Croatia
Sailing around the islands off Croatia on a beautiful (crewed!) wooden sailing boat – just bliss. Best bits: sitting for hours on deck, occasionally managing to tear my eyes from the beautiful water and coastline to read a page of my book; atmospheric Dubrovenik; diving off the boat for ice cold swimming; great company in fellow passengers, amazing food.

Shadow wave

5. Skopolos/Skiathos
The words ‘Greek islands’ do something to me. These are my absolute favourites so far, especially Skopolos, reached by boat. Cobbled streets, whitewashed buildings, breathtaking views, boat trips, cool bars with cushions on the floor for seats, delicious seafood… I could go on. This holiday came when I was very stressed at work and feeling low about my love life. And about a month or two before I met my husband!

Greece beautiful house

OK, I’m feeling all travel tingly thinking about these amazing holidays. I want to jump on a plane and go back to each one RIGHT NOW!

What trips would be on your favourites list?


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