Outdoor Play

Outdoor play activities and crafts for toddlers and young children.

My mess-loving little girl likes nothing better than to be outside, preferably up to her elbows in mud/water/sand/all of the above. She really is a creature of the outdoors and I find setting up outdoor play activities to be the easiest way to keep her entertained and help our days go that bit more smoothly.

You might like to start with my post on learning to embrace the mess – something I’ve had to do with my mess-monster of a daughter!

The posts below round up lots of different ideas for outdoor play:

Great garden fun – 11 activities for toddlers to enjoy in the garden
Giant summer sensory (and messy!) play list
Go get muddy (written for International Mud Day!)
Outdoor fun, whatever the weather

Our top five outdoor play activities

Marvellous mud kitchen
Painting with sticks
Soapy spring cleaning
Coloured water play
Shaving cream messy play

Outdoor play doesn’t have to be messy, though!

Outdoor play kitchen
Going on a listening walk
Taking a garden tour
Painting with water

See all outdoor play posts here. For even more outdoor fun, including days out, see my Outdoor Adventures page.


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