A sniff of sea air

I love our weekends. They are a time for us to spend together as a family. With the husband on hand, they are certainly much easier than my week days! They are made for outdoor adventures and getting out and about (which is why we never get anything done at home, haha).

Yes, our weekends are great. Just not this one, unfortunately.

Three whole days… I was looking forward to our bank holiday, planning on getting a few long overdue practical bits done around the house yet still with time to enjoy a family day out, try a new pub for lunch, meet friends.

It all started going wrong on Thursday, when both Baby E and I came down with a nasty bug. When Little Miss A took herself off to bed on Friday night and had a voluntary nap on the sofa the next day, we realised she was ill too. Luckily, neither girl had anything we were too worried about but it’s never nice to see your babies unwell. And not great when you feel like crap yourself!

So, our weekend has ended up looking something like this:

Two grumpy children
LOTS of kids TV
Little sleep
Two tired parents
A chaotic house, with huge great big washing mountains piling up, toys everywhere, dinners cobbled out of fish fingers and baked beans


Having not left the house for four days and being completely and utterly fed up of back to back kids TV (I think my exact words to the husband were, “If I have to watch one more episode of Blaze or Dora, I will not be responsible for my actions”), we decided to go for a drive to the coast – the girls would nap, we’d get out, two birds, one stone.

We tucked them up in the back, Little Miss A tickled by the unusual occurrence of leaving the house in her pyjamas. First, we headed to our local McDonald’s drive-through for a Mcflurry to keep Little Miss A quiet treat our poorly big girl. Then we drove to a nearby seaside town.

Gazing out at the choppy waves. Watching all the people on the seafront; couples strolling along holding hands, families with children in pushchairs and on shoulders, dogs running on the beach, ice creams and fish and chips being eaten. Winding down the windows to sniff the fresh air. Giggling to each other at how a drive-by trip to the seaside was the best bit of our weekend.

Not much of a bank holiday outing, I know.

But I have a funny feeling it will stick in my mind as one of those odd things you sometimes end up doing to get by as a parent. Those small things that can really cheer you up when you’ve retreated into survival mode.

Getting outside of our four walls, which I was in danger of climbing, seeing all the people going about their day despite the rubbish weather (you’ve got to love the determination of the Brits to spend a grim May bank holiday by the seaside), catching a glimpse of the sea which is always good for my soul, even when the waves are boiling and brown – it all helped me return to our tip of a house and Nick Jr on a loop, not refreshed exactly but ready to keep on.

It’s amazing what a sniff of sea air can do.

(But please let next weekend be better!)


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