Homemade hot air balloon for toys

A DIY hot air balloon toy made from recycled packaging for hours of pretend play!

Little Miss A came home from preschool the other day determined to make a hot air balloon. I’m not sure where she got the idea from, whether it was in a book or something they’d been learning about but she was quite obsessed, talking about it all the drive home!

“I was having a good idea, Mummy,” she said as I got her out of the car. “I can make the hot air balloon with my pink muzzy and tie it on my broom handle.”

I took Baby E up for her nap as soon as we got in but the husband reported that Little Miss A did indeed try very hard to make a hot air balloon using the broom handle and her material, getting a tad frustrated in the process when it didn’t go according to plan!

I came back from putting Baby E down to find that Daddy had stepped in and suggested using an actual balloon. This met with Little Miss A’s approval and he had found a balloon plus an old Ella’s Kitchen packet to use as the basket. The result was a very cute hot air balloon, perfect for a selection of her small toys.

Homemade hot air balloon for toys

She flew them round the living room several times and told me they were going on holiday to Africa.

“It takes twenty years to get there, Mummy.”

We decided to recreate the plains of Africa on our dining room floor using a selection of our Happyland and wooden animals. Well, it was a fairly loose recreation: the lion and giraffe were friends who lived in the same cave and the elephants had an entire house with beds… But it made for a whole afternoon of entertainment.

Eventually, all the animals piled in the hot air balloon to go to Spain. That journey only took eight days.

I love watching Little Miss A at play, especially seeing her imagination at work. It’s a wonderful thing to behold. The homemade hot air balloon led to hours of fun and has been returned to many times during the week with various different toys enjoying flying around in it! Sometimes the simple things really do provide the most play value!

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