The great Easter treat off #fiveforfriday

Something quite shocking happened to me yesterday evening. I headed to our local Tesco on a special Easter chocolate run and – gasp – discovered that they had SOLD OUT of mini eggs.


I’m still not sure how such a thing can happen. Do the people in our area eat a ridiculously large amount of mini eggs? Was there some kind of mass panic buying of mini eggs before Good Friday arrived? Either way, I was obviously not happy. It reminds me of the Great Easter Disaster of two years ago when the husband and I left our egg shopping until the holiday weekend and couldn’t find anything apart from Kinder eggs. I should have learnt my lesson…

Not that I have been completely deprived of mini eggs this spring. Or any chocolatey eggs…

In fact, with such a huge variety of Easter confectionery around these days, I’ve been conducting an unofficial taste test of several of the treats on offer. Purely for research purposes, you understand, to decide what is my Easter chocolate of choice. A sort of Treat-Off, if you will. 

It’s been tough but I’ve come up with my top five…

1. Mini eggs
One little mini egg doesn’t feel too wicked. Except one egg leads to another and before you know it, the whole tube has gone…

2. Creme eggs
It’s always very egg-citing (sorry) when these appear on the shelves. If, like me, you’ve thought how amazing a giant creme egg would be, check out this one on Pimp That Snack.

3. Ferreo Roche mini eggs
For when you’re feeling a bit posh. 

4. Malteaster 
Yummy bunny.

5. Lindt chocolate carrots

They look more like chocolate umbrellas than carrots but are so cute either way.

As you can imagine, it took a lot of painstaking research to come up with my top five. What would win your Easter treat off? Just don’t ask me to choose between mini eggs and creme eggs…

Happy Easter :)

#fiveforfriday is my weekly round up of all sorts of bits and bobs – from blog posts I’ve been reading to themed crafts and activities to favourite products to the random things I’ve been pondering!


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