Chocolatey Easter nests

These chocolate Easter nests are easy to make with young children and taste yummy too!

Chocolate Easter nests

I would love to be a real Baking Mum and do lots of exciting cooking projects with Little Miss A – but I have to admit to being far from a domestic goddess in the kitchen (er, or anywhere else round the house, actually). Even I can manage to do Easter nests, though! In fact, the nests are so simple that I have been able to let Little Miss A loose doing them herself with my supervision.

The first time we made these she was around 18 months and she absolutely loved the whole process. The photos are from that time – she was so teeny! She needed a little more help at that age but was able to participate in the mixing of all the ingredients. I was impressed with how carefully she spooned the mixture into the paper cases and decorated with the mini eggs.

Making Easter nests

Of course, there was some sneaky tasting involved! It’s too tempting not to sample as you go along…

Tasting Easter nests

To make the Easter nests, I follow the recipe on Rainy Day Mum. All you need are some Shredded Wheats, chocolate for melting and mini eggs to decorate.

  • In a bowl, break up the Shredded Wheat into strands
  • Melt the chocolate and then pour over the broken Shredded Wheat
  • Mix together thoroughly (Little Miss A always enjoys this part in particular!)
  • Spoon into paper cases
  • Add a mini egg or two on the top to decorate
  • Leave to set
  • Enjoy!

So, technically, this probably doesn’t count as ‘cooking with your toddler’ but it’s a great introduction the idea of baking. Now Little Miss A is older, I made a pictoral recipe card to follow, so we could talk about following the instructions and measuring ingredients. It’s also a lovely sensory activity, with the crunchy Shredded Wheats, smooth chocolate, gorgeous smells and tastes!

4 Comments on “Chocolatey Easter nests”

  1. It totally counts as “cooking” in my books, since toddlers don’t actually do the “cooking” part in recipes. ;) I totally agree with what a wonderful experience it is for little ones, on my blog I do a “toddler in the kitchen” series and I am always on the look out for recipes and stuff that Luke (19moths) can do – I haven’t actually made chocolate nests this year yet!! I should do that before he goes to his dads for the weekend! Ray xx @ #madmidweekbloghop

  2. ohhh I must try it using shredded wheat instead of cornflakes #MMWBH

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