Soapy spring cleaning outdoors!

Bubbles, water and spring sunshine make the perfect ingredients for some easy afternoon outdoor play…

Soapy spring cleaning

I have always loved springtime but, now I’m a parent, I feel like turning cartwheels at the first whiff of warmer weather. Why? Because I know that my life at home with children is about to get that little bit easier. For a start, being able to go out without having to wrap up like Michelin men means we can shave valuable minutes off the mission that is Getting Out Of The House. Plus it is much simpler to entertain little ones when you can stay and play outdoors for a good while without extremities going numb with cold. And, best of all, you don’t even have to venture too far afield – the back garden, in fact, was as far as we went this afternoon.

With the sun shining and our deck lovely and warm, I decided it was a perfect time to get Little Miss A to do some spring cleaning outside. I set her up with a bowl of water (with lots of bubbles for good measure), a scrubbing brush, a washing up sponge and her plastic chairs, table and step for washing. She couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

Soapy spring cleaning fun

The chairs and table actually did need a bit of a clean. The table had some grass cuttings stuck onto the top from our recent afternoon playing in the garden, so Little Miss A got to work on it, giving it a very thorough scrub with both the brush and the sponge.

Outdoor spring cleaning toddler fun

As she moved onto the chairs and the step, she started to sing a little song she had made up:

Scrub a dub dub
Rub a dub dub
Cleaning cleaning
Cleaning is fun!

She added some verses as she went along, which were basically a narration of what she was doing (“And now I scrub the step so cleeeeeaaaannnnn…”). I was just inside the house, rocking her sister to sleep in the baby carrier and giggling to myself as I listened. I just love how she sings or narrates her actions these days :)

Spring cleaning

Once she’d given the table, chairs and step a good clean, she wiped them dry with a towel (the one I’d left for her to dry herself with before coming back into the house, but nevermind!). She then moved onto the decking before deciding that everything had been completed to her satisfaction. As she headed indoors, she gave me a happy smile and declared that she needed a snack and a drink after all her hard work!

Outdoor spring cleaning

Little Miss A loves cleaning at the moment, so this was a great activity to keep her entertained this afternoon, and one I can see us repeating over the spring and summer with all sorts of plastic toys and equipment. The list is endless… When the weather warms up properly, it will also be a lovely activity to modify for Baby E to join in with too.


16 Comments on “Soapy spring cleaning outdoors!”

  1. The simplest of activities are often the best. My two youngest girls compete with each other on who can clean the fastest. When they get older they’ll be disgusted at the thought of cleaning for fun!

  2. Mae says:

    What a fun idea. I love involving the kids in cleaning. My kids do toy car washes and have so much fun.

  3. Coombe Mill says:

    This is one of our first jobs of spring here too, the triplets are set the job of cleaning all our ride on play equipment at the start of the season. A lovely way to feel summer is on the way and enjoy some soapy fun outdoors. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  4. I totally agree about the warmer weather! I’m longing for the day that we can leave the back door open and the boys are able to play outside without coats and wellies on! #CountryKids

    Caro |

  5. brightskymom says:

    Our step stools could use a good scrubbing! And so could the trash cans. I think we will follow Little Miss A’s song and have some good clean fun in the sun tomorrow!

  6. Aly says:

    This will be us this week, when I can get time to get outside to make a start.Popping over from Country Kids.

  7. I love spring too as I dont need to wash so much! We usually do this play at our terrace when its warm and I cant wait to start doing this again soon! #countrykids

  8. Design says:

    When you have little ones, spring is such as welcome time. Our outdoor chairs, table, step stools and trash cans need a good cleaning. I know what we will all be doing next week!

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