A taste of spring

Everything looks brighter when the sun is shining.

Today felt like the perfect antidote to the tough slog that has been our winter. Blue skies and sunshine, a mild breeze, birds singing… Spring arrived, bringing with it big smiles and an irresistible urge to be outside.

We didn’t go far. Our backgarden provided plenty to keep the three of us happy. A blanket with a basket of balls and a few other bits for Baby E. The playhouse and outdoor kitchen plus lots of long grass for Little Miss A. A contained play space, easy entertainment and the feeling of warm sun on the skin for me. And the joy of watching my girls.

Garden girls

Little Miss A revels in being outdoors and was so excited to get down into the garden. We had a very short game of catch (she’s loving ball games at the moment) until the lure of the long grass took over. She started pulling up handfuls to ‘cook’ in her outdoor kitchen (which is basically an old cabinet the husband transformed last summer), adding the odd dandelion that she found. This feast was laid out on her little table for her and Mummy to dig in. Mmm!

Baby E spent a while going through her box of balls and giggling at her sister, sitting contentedly on her mat until she realised there was a whole new area to explore. She’s just started crawling so set off to investigate the grass, running her fingers through it, pulling up clumps (copying her sister I think!) and inevitably trying to eat some!


I took her socks off so she could feel the tickly sensation of the grass on her bare feet, which she loved.

How cute is that little foot?!

Little foot

Little Miss A set off round the garden to see what’s growing. Our daffodils aren’t flowering yet, so we looked at the green stalks with their buds and talked about where the petals were hiding. One patch is weirdly growing without the flower heads for the second or third year running so I think it’s time to put some new bulbs in!

We also talked about what we might plant this year. Little Miss A is very interested in this idea so I need to start pondering some easy garden projects we can do together. I’m thinking sunflowers and maybe a vegetable or two and some herbs…


We had a little picnic snack and finished off by topping up the bird food on our table, hoping to spot some birds visiting once we were back indoors. We didn’t have to wait long. One cheeky pigeon was checking it out before we’d even got our shoes off!

Our garden is a lovely suntrap and the afternoon was without a doubt the most relaxing and fun time I’ve had on my own with the girls so far. It felt like coming out of hibernation. I can’t wait for more beautiful spring days to come!

Mud Mud Marvellous Mud - Outdoor Play Party

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


6 Comments on “A taste of spring”

  1. Coombe Mill says:

    This post makes me dream of summer. so lovely to be able to let the children enjoy the grass between their fingers and toes. I hope you have plenty of garden fun to come over the coming months. thank you for sharing your beautiful photos with me on Country Kids.

  2. Mudpie Mama says:

    Baby E is growing so big! We are loving the spring sun too, it is so nice to get outdoors and not have to get so wrapped up for a change. Thanks so much for sharing at the Outdoor Play Party. Hope to see you there again from tomorrow :-)

  3. brightskymom says:

    Welcome out of hibernation! LOVE the baby foot in the grass picture! Hope your “suntrap garden” is a place of much summer fun.

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