Chinese dragon dancing

We headed up to our local university this weekend to join the celebrations for Chinese New Year.

The university’s Chinese society did a great job, putting on a whole host of activities to welcome the Year of the Sheep (also somewhat confusingly known as the Year of the Goat!).

To start it all off, there was dragon and lion dancing. We only caught the tail end (literally!) of the dragon, which was a shame as it looked amazing. But the lion dance was really interesting.

Little Miss A was fascinated, getting up as close as she dared and even joining in, dancing along to the drums.

Dragon dance

The dancers swapped over a few times; we guessed that it must have been hard work crouching down inside the costume, especially as the routine was so physical with the lion rolling around and rearing onto its hind quarters.

Chinese dragon

Afterwards, we headed indoors to look around the Chinese market. We treated ourselves to a very untraditional hot chocolate to warm up, as, despite the gorgeous sunshine and blue sky, it was decidedly chilly outside. Then it was time to explore. Little Miss A loved dressing up in a traditional Chinese gown, examining the beautiful parasols and receiving her very own pink paper lantern. She also waited incredibly patiently in line to have her face painted (Hello Kitty!). Baby E liked bouncing along to the music and I enjoyed a sneaky spring roll, yum!

We had to leave to get home for tea and bed so didn’t get to see the fireworks display unfortunately – I am already plotting staying later next year so we can catch them next time!


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