Taking a blogging break…

It was an exhausting end to the year. With both girls ill over Christmas, it wasn’t quite the holiday I’d imagined, although the magic and excitement of it all helped to buoy us up.

I was relieved to get back home, ready to start 2015 as I meant to go on, working on our family resolutions and getting us into new routines and habits, enjoying family life together.

Well, that hasn’t really worked out so far either as I’ve been laid low with a horrible bug – and I mean low, as it’s left me feeling stripped of much of my usual optimism. We’ve been in survival mode. I haven’t left the house for a week. The house is chaos, we’re even more tired and stretched than ever (if possible!) and I can’t work up the enthusiasm for anything really. It’s hard to shake a virus off when what you need to do is crawl into bed and hole up there for a few days but what you get to do is, at best, sit on the sofa and persuade your very energetic three year old to watch TV all afternoon! I’m feeling very thankful for preschool this week!

Anyway, it’s got me thinking about how, sometimes, something has got to give. And not just during actual illness.

We’ve been spread thinly since BabyGirl surprised us with her early arrival. It feels like we’ve been on the back foot ever since. Hospital stay for jaundice. Long hospital stay for scary virus. Bad sleeping habits. Illness ridden Christmas.

When I take a long, honest look at where we are and, importantly, where we want to be, I realise that there isn’t room to do everything. I have to let something go.

That’s blogging, for the moment. I don’t have time for writing posts, adding images, getting on twitter, joining linky parties and all the other bits and bobs. As much as I enjoy it all, when I’m feeling squeezed it actually becomes another pressure point. Another thing on the to do list. Another thing to feel fed up about for not being able to do properly.

Except I can take it off the to do list. The world isn’t going to stop spinning. It doesn’t even mean forever. This realisation has been a slight epiphany for me. It’s my blog, so who says I can’t stop doing it for a while?! So what if the stats suffer a bit? There are no important consequences to me taking a blogging break, so that’s just what I’m going to do.

If I get the odd five minutes, I may tinker around with the layout a bit. If I get a real urge, I may even write sporadically. But I’m not going to try to keep up with posting etc because I feel I ‘should’. I’m going to have a little holiday for a few months and give myself time to do the things that need doing at home.

So, it’s farewell for now. I’ll hopefully be back with new stories to tell in April/May :)


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