Our family resolutions

There is something so enticing about the start of a new year. Another twelve months lying ahead, fresh and full of possibilities. I find it energising, even with the knowledge that it may not live up to it’s promise!

Making new year’s resolutions is all part of this for me. A great way to think about what I might like to improve or do but I don’t beat myself round the head with them if they don’t work out.

Tomorrow is another day with no mistakes in it

Over the past couple of years, however, I’ve felt that I want my resolutions to make an actual difference to my life. Last year, rather than my usual, vague ‘be more organised’, I attempted to break this down into some specifics. Knowing myself as I do, this was more than a little tongue in cheek… A year down the line and I can’t honestly say I’ve stuck to many (any?) of my Project Get Organised goals. But, when I stop to think about it, I really am surprisingly becoming a more organised person. I’m no Martha Stewart (she’s organised, right?) but I’m encouraged by this progress!

This year, I’m approaching my resolutions slightly differently. Now ToddlerGirl is three, and with the arrival of BabyGirl, I’m noticing some reoccurring themes in the challenges of our everyday lives. There are aspects I’d really like to change for a smoother home life.

The husband and I have had a few (snatched) conversations about what sort of family we’d like to create. Happy and loving. Fun. Calm. Strong. Kind. Healthy.

Some of that is easy! Other areas need a bit of work, so we’ve come up with a selection of family resolutions to help us along the way. This post is something of a memo to make sure we remember the things we want to work on!

Our family resolutions

1. Be more organised
The old standard! But we have come to realise that being better organised really does improve our family life. Who knew, eh.

2. Shout less…
This is hard to admit but both of us have been yelling more since ToddlerGirl hit two and a half and really started testing the boundaries. I don’t want to be a shouty mum.

3. Be more patient and parent more positively
Linked to no.2. It can feel like we are constantly telling ToddlerGirl off and overusing the word “don’t”. She absolutely needs boundaries and discipline but I want to find some different ways of doing this that aren’t always so negative.

4. Allow more time
This is a big trigger for stress. I’m such a last minute person and definitely need to  learn to allow more time for most things – leaving the house, cooking, doing the boring essentials etc.

5. Be kind to each other as parents
We’re pretty good at this but it’s easy to be short with each other or bicker when we’re tired (so all the time right now!) or ToddlerGirl is testing our patience.

6. Create some one on one time
This is mainly for me and ToddlerGirl. I’m sure it makes the hard bits harder when you don’t get that quality time together and I miss doing things just the two of us sometimes.

7. Be healthy
One for me and the husband… We are both consuming way too much sugar and junk in our sleep deprived state. I really don’t want it to take as long to lose the baby weight this time.

8. Get more sleep
Ha! But we’ve slipped into ‘getting by’ mode, with BabyGirl downstairs until late and me cosleeping. This isn’t going to change unless we start doing things differently. It’s important as a lack of sleep is the single, biggest stress point for our family right now.

9. Make the changes we need to
As above, we all too easily fall into ‘short term gain for long term pain’ rather than vice-versa and often find ourselves going over the same ground with no progress, so we need to prioritise just getting on and doing things.

10. Calm the house down
ToddlerGirl is so incredibly active! This, coupled with things like our lack of organisation, means our home environment is often loud and chaotic, something I’ve really noticed since BabyGirl arrived. There’s a time for noise but also for quiet, and we need to learn how to calm things down a bit!

So, those are our family resolutions. Our next step is to find practical ways to translate each resolution into real changes, so I’ll keep you posted on how we’re getting on as we tackle the different areas! Wish us luck…

Do you make new year’s resolutions? Are they for you or your family?


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