Looking back, looking forwards

With Christmas done and dusted, the tail end of the year is always one of contemplation for me. I can’t help but run through the past twelve months, my own internal ‘year in review’ show!

Reflections - looking back, looking forward

Most years have their ups and downs but 2014 stands out for two reasons in particular:

1. It’s the year we said goodbye to my gran, somebody I was very lucky to have in my life for so long, who adored watching her great granddaughter, who sadly never got to meet great granddaughter number two. I’ve thought about her a lot these past months and especially so this Christmas time, when I’ve wished she could be here to see how grown up ToddlerGirl is getting, to chat with her (my gran was always a great one for talking to), to see what an amazing sister she is being.

2. And it’s the year we said hello to our BabyGirl and became a family of four. With her early arrival and our scary three weeks in hospital, not to mention all the usual adjusting to life with a newborn, it’s been an intense few months. But such a privilege to have our second daughter in our lives, with her funny little ways already.

It’s also been the year that ToddlerGirl grew from, well, toddlerhood into a proper little girl. It hits me every day at the moment how much she is growing up. There’s been a very clear transition from two to three, a huge amount learning and change – for us as parents as much as for her! I’m so proud of her, even amidst the exasperating moments (threenager, anyone?!).

Pregnancy, family holidays, highs, lows, little everyday stories and activities I would have forgotten if it wasn’t for this blog. Another year rolling by. They really do seem to go more and more quickly these days.

And so to 2015.

This is the one where I turn 37 and cannot deny I have hit my late thirties. Crikey. I’m not sure how that happened, particularly as I still think of myself as somewhere around the 30 mark! I always thought my late thirties were some far off point, one in which we’d all be in, I don’t know, flying cars or something.

(Actually, 2015 is the year Marty Mcfly travels to in Back to the Future II, so I would at least expect some hoverboards!)

I don’t know what I once thought I may or may not be doing at 37, apart from having robots at my beck and call, of course. But, at the beginning of this new year, I’m feeling happy with my life and excited about what’s coming next. And that strikes me as a pretty good place to be starting the next twelve months from.

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