Twas the night before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house / Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…

Well, that wasn’t quite true in our house earlier, with a hugely excited three year old and a somewhat bemused baby!

But our Christmas Eve preparations have been completed.

We’ve listened to Kipper’s Christmas Eve on CD, read a Nativity story and enjoyed some Christmas music.

We’ve sprinkled sparkling, magic reindeer food outside so Rudolf and friends can find their way here.

Father Christmas has a mince pie and satsuma left out as a snack for him.

‘Santa Stop Here’ signs, with each of the girl’s names on, have been hung on their doors.

And, very importantly, the stockings have been hung on the end of their beds.

ToddlerGirl has done all of this most carefully. The earnest expression on her face, tinged with a bubbling excitement, has just been so adorable. BabyGirl has watched it all from our arms and it feels like we are really beginning our family traditions for Christmas this year, the little things that make it so magical and that the girls will hopefully remember into adulthood.

We’ve been plagued by illness in the lead up to Christmas unfortunately, so I’m off to bed early myself and will no doubt be awake for many of the wee small hours with BabyGirl, as I have been all week!

But even illness and sleep deprivation can’t take away from the magic of Christmas Eve with my little family.

And I’ll be sure to keep an ear out for the distant jingle of sleigh bells when I’m up with BabyGirl…


2 Comments on “Twas the night before Christmas”

  1. Kirsty says:

    aww this is lovely! it’s so magical when they really begin to fully understand “santa” have a lovely Christmas with your family. Merry Christmas x


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