Christmas baby play

Let your baby explore Christmassy items for festive sensory play

Christmas sensory play for babies

I’ve been doing lots of Christmas activities with ToddlerGirl so I didn’t want to leave BabyGirl out! She’s been enjoying watching her sister as always and I’ve been involving her when we read our Christmas story books and have some festive sing-a-longs. I decided she might like to get a bit more stuck in.

As she’s loving tummy time at the moment, I found some festive items to lay out around her while she was on her mat:

  • our Santa stocking, which feels amazingly soft
  • a toy snowman
  • a colourful Christmas book, open on an interesting spread
  • some sparkly tinsel
  • some jingle bells

These items were all for exploring under close supervision only.

Christmas sensory play for babies

She loved stretching her arm out to touch the Santa stocking, which is very tactile. She then spent a lot of time studying the book and trying to get hold of the bells. Of course she was trying to reach everything to put it in her mouth!

Having a variety of items in front of her gave her an interesting sensory experience, with the colours, textures and sounds of these Christmassy items proving to be fascinating! There was lots for me to talk to her about and the objects were obviously enticing enough to encourage her to reach out for them  and even attempt to move towards!


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