Family day at the beach

Sun, sea and sand – ahhhhh, the recipe for a great day out. OK, it’s winter and the only paddling was with wellies on but that didn’t stop us having a lovely time at the beach!

Family day at the beach

I’m finding our weeks are whizzing by in a bit of a blur at the moment. Days are full on with a baby and a three year old, a busy round of naps and nappy changes, tears and tantrums, wiggles and giggles, and a whole lot more besides!

It doesn’t slow down much at the weekend but, with the husband on hand to help out, there is at least room for me to pause a little. Plus we get to go out and have fun together, which is really the best thing of all.

Last weekend, with the sun shining, we decided to head to the coast. I enjoy the beach in the winter almost as much as in the warmer months. And it’s pretty safe to say ToddlerGirl loves it whatever the weather.

We had lunch first at a great café nearby, which had a small corner with toys for children to play with. This entertained ToddlerGirl before and after our food, so the husband and I had time for a yummy shared pudding and some rare relaxation time together, chatting, cuddling BabyGirl and watching ToddlerGirl playing. I wish more cafés catered for kiddies (and parents) so well.

After lunch, we headed to the beach, which was buzzing with couples, families and an awful lot of energetic dogs! With our wellies on, we wasted no time in venturing right down to the waves. ToddlerGirl was so excited by this, we were treated to a little made up song: “I love the seeeeea” (splash, splash) “I love splashing in the seeeeea” (jump, splash).

Family day at the beach

We dug a small hole in the sand, which soon became a ‘rockpool’ as we lined it with shells and filled it with water using our bucket and watering can. Of course, the water drained away, much to ToddlerGirl’s disappointment. It became our mission to keep refilling it, which proved to be a fun enough game to keep ToddlerGirl happy for the duration of our stay. Run to the sea, fill the bucket, slosh the water into the ‘rockpool’, jump in it, repeat, repeat, repeat.

BabyGirl was tucked into her carrier with daddy, leaving me free to play with ToddlerGirl – and the one who had to keep wading into the shallows to replenish the water. The tide was going out, so I had a bit further to run each time! That’s the way to burn off the baby weight… It can feel like a real juggling act during the week, balancing the needs of a four month old and a three year old, so I loved having time to focus completely on my big girl.

Family beach day

My daughter, being the little mess monster that she is, was soon stretched out on the wet sand and covered head to toe. She was also pretty wet from all the splashing; despite waterproof trousers and wellies, the water had found it’s way in. And me being the disorganised mum that I am, I’d failed to bring a change of clothes or even a towel – you’d think I was new to this or didn’t know that my ToddlerGirl was bound to end up soaked and sandy!

That was our cue to leave, so we waved goodbye to the sea and headed back to the car to strip ToddlerGirl off, wipe her down with a muslin and wrap her in one of her sister’s blankets.

There are some hard bits to being a parent. There are definitely some exhausting bits. And, of course, there are many, many fun, heartwarming and wonderful bits. But I think these family days out are my absolute favourite, the ones we’ll remember in years to come when the sleepless nights are distant memories.

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6 Comments on “Family day at the beach”

  1. So nice to have some one-on-one time sometimes. I miss the beach badly. Looks like a beautiful day.

  2. Coombe Mill says:

    This sounds like a lovely day out. It’s great that you go to have some mumm-daughter time with your ToddlerGirl, sometimes it can be difficult to balance time. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  3. Mudpie Mama says:

    I love this post! I know exactly what you mean and I am disorganised with only one! Imagine what I would be like with two. Lol :-) Exhausting but worth every bit of being a Mum. Thanks so much for linking up to the Outdoor Play Party x

    • Thank you! So exhausting, especially with my messy, lively little pup but the highs like our beach trip definitely outweigh the harder bits :) Although I really do need to get more organised…! X

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