Autumn forest fun

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a wonderful time!

Autumn forest fun

I’ve been neglecting my blog lately as I get to grips with motherhood to two littlies. It’s fun, it’s hard work and it doesn’t leave a lot of time for blogging at the moment!

There’s a huge adjustment curve, particularly getting used to going out and about with two. Although she’s getting a lot better at not legging it at any given opportunity – and, importantly, listening to me when I tell her to stop! – our daily activities revolve around going to contained spaces, where I don’t need to worry that ToddlerGirl can stray too far from me.

The weekends, though, are family days, time we are cherishing all the more since our hospital experience with BabyGirl.

One of our favourites for the autumn has been to head to our lovely local forest park. It’s great all year round but there is something extra special about the woods at this time of year. Beautiful colours, crunching and rustling leaves underfoot, a slight tingle of cold in the air, mellow sunlight filtering through the trees.

ToddlerGirl adores the freedom of the forest park, as it’s one place where we can let her roam ahead without having to constantly tell her to stop! There are fallen logs to climb and balance on, puddles to splash in, sticks to find, dens to explore, and paths to adventure down.

Autumn forest fun

One of her top activities is to collect items on our walks. We’ve had quite a few autumn nature finds that have been transported home, although our last trip to the forest saw her obsessed with scooping up handfuls of dried, flaking leaves and pine needles for her ‘foraging bag’, which was soon full to bursting! We are getting good at surreptitiously ‘loosing’ many of these items when she is distracted… You can always find a few sticks and leaves knocking around our car, though!

Perhaps her absolute favourite find, however, has been a huge pile of sawdust chippings, a perfect mountain to clamber up. The slightly springy texture was interesting to explore and poke sticks into, it was great fun to run around on and roll down(!) but the very best bit was scooping up the chips of wood and letting them run through her fingers, making piles on her legs. Sensory exploration in it’s best, most natural form!

Autumn forest fun

We’re very lucky with our forest park. While there the last time, we discovered a new themed trail celebrating The Gruffalo’s Child, which we’ll be going back to investigate further.

It’s definitely one of my favourites at the moment: feeling BabyGirl snuggled against me in her carrier; watching ToddlerGirl giggling and running ahead; breathing in the beautiful fresh air; time even to snatch a quick hand hold with the husband… These happy happy family days out are ones that I want to lock into my memory forever.

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9 Comments on “Autumn forest fun”

  1. It’s great that you have this place near you that you can go to to explore without worrying about ToddlerGirl running off. Sounds like there’s lots of sensory learning experiences to explore there. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  2. Linda says:

    I always love a walk in the woods:o) Going from one to two kids is definitely an adjustment but I’ve noticed that the whole outdoor thing gets easier as they get older. At age 3 and 6, my girls can play independently outdoors for long periods of time without relying on me.

    • I can’t wait for the girls to be able to play together! (But equally I don’t want to wish away these baby days.) I find it so much easier with ToddlerGirl when we can be out and about, she really is a creature of the outdoors! Thanks for commenting :)

  3. You are fortunate to have such a lovely forest park nearby. We have certainly made the most of our local forest park with our boys over the years! Thanks for linking up with #OutdoorPlayParty

  4. Kierna says:

    Gorgeous post! Thanks so much for linking up xx

  5. Ooh lovely walk, we loved the Gruffalo walk in Haldon Forest :-) xx

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