Rearview reflections

Driving home the other day, all was quiet in the back of the car. I glanced in my rearview mirror to see two beautiful sleeping faces, a sight that made my heart glow. My two girls.

I decided to carry on driving for a while, partly to give BabyGirl time to get into a deep sleep before I moved her, partly because I was enjoying stealing looks at the two of them, with their virtually identical sleeping faces, one big, one little, and partly because it felt like a bit of a break, a rare moment of peace!

We’ve been home now for nearly three weeks, our hospital ordeal thankfully over. It feels like a bad dream; I’m not quite sure how we got through it, only that of course that’s what you have to do.

Being home, our little family all together, is wonderful. That doesn’t mean that normal life is a doddle… There are still tears and tantrums to deal with. I am learning how to be mum to two and juggle the demands of a baby and preschooler. Our days can be exhausting and long. But whenever it gets too much, I can take a deep breath and remember how lucky we are to be doing this. A few weeks ago, all I wanted was to have to deal with these daily challenges, instead of hospital, virus and medication worries. In a way, normal life is a doddle after all, no matter how frazzled and sleep deprived I might be some days.

I reflect on this until it’s time to drive home. It was a bit naughty letting ToddlerGirl nap and I know that my moment of peace is over. But the glow of seeing my two girls in the rearview mirror will last me the rest of the day.




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