Easy-peasy pipecleaner butterflies

Take two pipecleaners and a length of ribbon to make a simple and sweet fluttery butterfly summer decoration…

Easy peasy pipecleaner butterflies

Somewhere in me there is an artistic crafty person trying to get out… I’m sure I can’t be the only one looking longingly at craft projects on Pinterest thinking ‘I would love to do that’? It’s not that I am lacking the creativity; I have a definite creative side, it’s just that unfortunately, my (lack of) artistic skills and patience don’t always allow me to express it via anything other than writing.

So I was probably overly pleased with myself for making my lovely pipecleaner butterflies!

They really are pretty and just incredibly easy to do:

  1. Take two pipecleaners in different colours (the fluffy ones work best) and a length of ribbon.
  2. With the first pipecleaner, make a sort of infinity figure of 8 and join the two ends in the middle. The two loops may need a little squishing upwards to create the effect of the top two wings.
  3. Wrap the end of the second pipecleaner around the middle of the figure of 8 to secure and then bend to make a loop for the first wing, using half the length of the pipecleaner.
  4. Secure this by wrapping the pipecleaner around the middle again and then shape the remaining portion into the second lower wing.
  5. Wrap the end of the pipecleaner around the middle to secure.
  6. Tie the length of ribbon around the middle to secure the pipecleaners together and provide something to hang them with.
  7. Shape the wings a little more if necessary; they may need a little squishing upwards or downwards to give a real ‘wing’ effect.

I made two of these and they are a lovely summer decoration in our living room. They are a bit too fiddly for ToddlerGirl to make at the moment but an older child could have a go. She was very interested in the whole process, however, and held the ribbon to pass to me when I needed it!

Now they are hanging from a shelf and she loves to look at them. Every so often, we take them down and have fun waving the ribbon and ‘fluttering’ them around the room and pretending to fly like butterflies ourselves, which is an easy little activity to get moving if we’ve been stuck in the house for too long!


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