Why I’m no Pinterest perfect mum…

I love Pinterest. The virtual pinboard is just a genius idea, allowing people to easily collate links and images from across the web for all sorts of things. I mainly use it to source and save play ideas for ToddlerGirl and have found some really inspirational blogs as a result.

Why I am no Pinterest perfect mum

There is a downside, though. Pinterest pressure can be a very real side effect. There I am, merrily pinning away, when one of several thoughts can hit me:

  1. Wow, these mums are like superwomen. Where do they find the energy to set up these amazing activities, let alone photograph and write about them? Their children must nap…
  2. Why am I pinning all this stuff I’m never going to do? I hate sewing, can I really see myself ever attempting to make this (admittedly very cute) felt food?!
  3. Look at all these ideas for home organisation. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. And we don’t even have a pantry/playroom so I don’t know why I’m pinning these beautiful storage labels.

Sometimes, these Pinterest perfect images can be overwhelming. I am left feeling like a completely inadequate mum as I survey the chaos that is our house; or fight back the urge to scream as ToddlerGirl tantrums for the umpteenth time in a day; or give up and plonk her in front of cbeebies as I have failed, yet again, to set up an amazing sensory play tub for her to investigate.

On those days when I feel like I’m holding it all together by a thread, Pinterest is not an amusing diversion, it is something to judge myself against and come up lacking.

Of course, here I am on my blog writing about all sorts of things to do with my life at home with ToddlerGirl – including some of the fun activities we get up to. Yes, sometimes I do have the time and energy to devise a great afternoon’s entertainment for us both. And, if I blog about it, I do share it on Pinterest. Suddenly I realise that I might be contributing to somebody elses’s Pinterest pressure. There may be mums out there with the mistaken impression that our daily life is filled with imaginative activities and creative crafts.

They say the camera never lies but of course it does; it lies by omission. Certainly in the pictures I post, I’ve tried to take them to hide the mountain of mess just out of shot! And for every blog post about an activity we’ve enjoyed, there are many, many other occasions where we’ve tried something that ToddlerGirl wasn’t at all interested in, or where it ended in a tantrum, or where I just haven’t bothered at all because daily life is keeping us busy enough.

If that’s true for me, what’s the liklihood that it’s also true for the majority of other mums whose pictures I come across on Pinterest? In my rational moments, I can accept that there are very few people who skip through life without any stress or pressure points, without any days when it’s about all they can manage to get dressed, do the dishes and put dinner on the table.

I would hate anyone reading my blog to get the wrong idea about our life! I try to be honest about our tough spots, and honest about what works and what doesn’t with any activities we do.

Just in case, here’s what we’ve been up to today:

  • A trip to our local soft play, which didn’t happen after ToddlerGirl fell asleep in the car. I decided to keep driving to keep her asleep and enjoyed a peaceful 45 minutes in air conditioned comfort listening to the radio instead – and felt that the morning had actually turned out better than I had planned!!
  • Ten minutes of cbeebies, which turned into an hour…
  • An attempt to set up a princess paddling pool for ToddlerGirl in the garden. The red food colouring I added to turn it pink just made the water a bit murky. I used washing up liquid for some pretty lame bubbles. I didn’t have the energy to think of any more princessy elements to add so just stuck in a watering can and bucket. And ToddlerGirl ended up spending a grand total of maybe 15 minutes splashing around anyway before wanting to dump the contents of her sand pit into the pool, coat her body in wet sand and wash it off…!

Ho hum. So there you go, I’m really not a Pinterest perfect mum by any stretch of the imagination. But that’s ok because I reckon nobody is really – or that’s what I’ll keep telling myself, anyway!

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6 Comments on “Why I’m no Pinterest perfect mum…”

  1. Anna Moore says:

    This is a great post. I am loving reading blogs and pinning ideas. But at the back of my mind I keep thinking don’t forget to live the moment.

    • Thank you :) I’m the same, I really enjoy finding new ideas from blogs and pinterest – but trying to remember that it’s all meant to be fun. If it starts making me feel bad, I make myself take a step back for a while!

  2. I enjoyed this blog post as I often compare my “real” life to the life I see on Pinterest…I have to wonder how many other Mom’s feel the same. I always say I’m going to get on Pinterest real quick…five hours later I find that I have just wasted my entire day day dreaming. lol
    Passing by via #brilliantblogposts.

  3. Honest Mum says:

    So apt for me as I’ve really neglected Pinterest and am getting more active again, I adore looking at all the inspiring activities and food-most are creating the content for their blogs and sharing and it’s just so wonderfully creative, never let it make you feel bad though, there’ll be areas in your life people wish they were doing what you were too. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x

    • I go through phases of being on Pinterest all the time and then I’ll take a break, either because I get a bit pinned out or if I do start to get overwhelmed. Thanks for commenting :)

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