My daughter in five words

One of the blogs I follow on Facebook recently asked the question: How would you describe your eldest child in five words or less? Of course, I was immediately thinking of words to fit ToddlerGirl. The trouble was narrowing them down to five!

There are so many things I could say about my lovely little girl but, in the end, I settled on these…

This is the word that immediately springs to mind for ToddlerGirl. She has been very active since a baby, crawling, cruising and walking early. She’s happiest doing, preferably outdoors. Her energy is both exhausting and fabulous!

Or I could say ‘into everything’. I think it goes hand in hand with how active she is; she always wants to explore round the corner or look inside the draw/box or examine the out of reach item. Now she’s talking, she asks so many questions every day. It can also be an exhausting trait but one which I hope she keeps through her life.

The flip side to my little bundle of energy is how cuddly she is. As a baby, she was happiest snuggled on one of us (not in her cot!) and she reached out her hands to touch whoever was holding her virtually from the moment she was born. If she’s sitting next to us, she needs to put a hand on our arm or will stroke our arms. I love how cuddly she is.

Strong willed
Oh, so strong willed… This trait was there as a baby, I think it propelled her into motion. But we have really noticed it since hitting toddlerhood! It can be hard work, she rarely accepts a boundary without question. We have had to be consistent and firm with our limits, learn endless calm and patience, and really rack our brains to deal with such persistence from her without everything ending in a tussle. But it’s not something we never want to squash out of her as, if she can temper it with self control, I think it will be a valuable character trait as she gets older.

She is so alive, so full on, so expressive. Whatever she does, she does with all of her self. I love the way her face lights up with the sheer joy of being and doing.

This month, ToddlerGirl will be three. I can’t quite believe it. Where have these past few years gone? It’s fascinating to watch her personality develop and unfold; seeing the things that have been there since she was a baby and getting to know new aspects of her character as they unfold. I am so proud to be her mum. I look at her every day at the moment in amazement at how grown up she has become – she really is a proper little girl now. At the same time, she’s still my baby, still has so much growing and learning to do.

And she is impossible to describe in five words or less!

How would you describe your little one in five words? It’s quite hard!


2 Comments on “My daughter in five words”

  1. Ali says:

    Ah I love this. She sounds very similar to three year old. I think I’ll have a go at this but I agree… Choosing 5 words is going to be tricky! X

    • Thanks :) I really enjoyed thinking about all the words I would associate with her and then finding the 5 to best describe her. Let me know if you do it for your girl, I’d love to read :)

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