35 weeks pregnant – and counting!

So, here I am, in the final stretch (quite literally) of this pregnancy. With around 5 weeks left, my due date is simultaneously approaching at a rate of knots and inching towards me unbearably slowly, depending on which part of me is considering it! Practically, it feels like just about the right amount of time to get the final bits organised. Physically, however, I am beginning to feel like I would happily fast forward through the next month!

35 weeks' pregnancy update

I haven’t written very much about this pregnancy on my blog. This is probably partly due to the fact that ToddlerGirl keeps me so occupied that I haven’t had a huge amount of time to focus on it! But now the end is in sight and I can’t believe how quickly it has gone by. And how smoothly. Looking back over the last 8ish months, I’m kind of surprised to realise that I’ve actually (mainly) enjoyed it.

If that seems a strange thing to be surprised about, I should probably explain…

I discovered when pregnant with ToddlerGirl that I am not one of these women who sail on through, glowing, with a neat little bump and loving every moment.

No, I suffer from horrible morning sickness for the first four months, extensive food aversions for the entire time and chronic pelvic pain which makes it hard to walk, sit, stand, bend, sleep. I end up with a huge bump, so that people continually joke “Ooh, sure there’s not twins in there” or look aghast when I tell them I still have two months until I’m due. (I’ve actually started lying about my due date to strangers now as I’m so fed up of this groundhog day reaction!).

Having had the rude awakening first time round that pregnancy was not that easy, I wasn’t sure how I would be this time. I had no idea how on earth I would cope with an incredibly energetic toddler added into the mix. But it’s been amazing how different this pregnancy has been. I’m not going to pretend I’ve skipped joyfully through each month. The first trimester was truly shockingly hard, with morning sickness and a level of exhaustion that beat even 14 months’ worth of extreme sleep deprivation. After that eased, though, I’ve found that the food aversions haven’t been as bad and the pelvic pain not nearly as severe, thankfully. ToddlerGirl has kept me so busy the weeks have flown by.

But, best of all, I have been much more relaxed this time.

I was on high alert with ToddlerGirl after suffering two early losses before I fell pregnant with her. I was waiting for something to go wrong, really, even once I got past the first trimester. My placenta was at the front and muffled an awful lot of her movements, so we ended up racing for fetal monitoring on at least five occasions. This time, I have had my lovely little girl to distract me from any anxiety. And the placenta is at the back so I have felt all sorts of wriggles and squiggles from this bubba since around 15 weeks. It’s been wonderful! Even now, when I will suddenly have a rock hard lump appearing to one side and feel like the baby is going to burst out of my tummy, alien style, I can’t feel anything but grateful for being so aware of these lovely movements.

This is probably my last pregnancy – I have no intention of trying for a third child but I don’t like to categorically state I’ll never be pregnant again as you never know what life may hold! – so it feels good to be able to say honestly that I’ve enjoyed it.

That being said, I’m definitely at the point now where I’m ready to have the baby. Alongside the many physical discomforts, I’ve done all the plotting and planning that I can to try to prepare for life as a mum of two and I just want to get on with it.

In the words of Europe: “It’s the final countdown”. Bring it on, I say!


2 Comments on “35 weeks pregnant – and counting!”

  1. Aw so lovely to read that you’re less anxious this time round and that ToddlerGirl is keeping you distracted! I had awful morning sickness for 21 weeks with my pregnancy, it’s the worst thing! Hope your last few weeks to due date go well xx #mummymonday

  2. Awww lovely! Not long now. I remember napping a lot and being very hungry at this stage.
    Wishing you a speedy August x

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