Savouring our summer

Sitting here with our patio doors wide open, I can hear the sounds of a summer evening drifting in from the outside. Birds are tweeting and children are playing. The husband is doing bedtime, the light has a gorgeous rich tone as the sun sinks lower in the sky, there is a deliciously cool breeze wafting through the room and I am feeling perfectly content.

Savouring our summer

I have always loved our long summer evenings here in the UK but I think I appreciate them all the more now that I am a mum. After a fun/exasperating day with ToddlerGirl (to delete as appropriate, depending on how it’s gone), I relish some downtime once she has gone to sleep. In the winter, this ‘grown up’ time seems limited, thanks to the darkness descending by 4pm. But during the summer months, it actually feels like I get to enjoy much more of the day, with a portion of it blissfully free from the responsibilities of being a parent.

It’s even better on the nights when the husband is on bedtime duty. On these occasions, I like nothing more than sitting on our deck looking over our garden and soaking up the early evening atmosphere. As a mum, you have to squeeze in your moments of relaxation when you can. Just sitting and doing nothing for half an hour feels wonderfully decadent. No TV, no computer, no phone, no toddler(!). Nothing to do but let my thoughts run and the day wash over me. And breathe…

Sometimes, with ToddlerGirl fast asleep and parenting duties over for another day, both of us will sit outside for a while, chatting, sharing a drink. It can be difficult to find time for each other once you have a small child, particularly if, like us, you don’t have family in the area to take on babysitting duties. Dates out on the town may be rare but those moments sitting outside together are a lovely chance for us to catch up properly and enjoy each other’s company, just the two of us.

This will be harder to do once our second little baby is born. As the nights start to draw in, we’ll be juggling the demanding schedule of a newborn alongside a demanding toddler! Time for sitting and relaxing at the end of the day will be at a premium, for a while at least.

In the meantime, I’m going to savour every last drop of these long summer evenings while I can…

2 Comments on “Savouring our summer”

  1. This is so true, it is lovely being able to sit outside on a summer’s evening. Having two I thought it would be hard to have ‘us’ time but actually a second baby seems to slot in quite easily- I think they just have to. They must know instinctively that they have to share our time. x

    • Thanks, that’s what I need to hear :) I’m really looking forward to having our baby but it does feel scary thinking about going back to baby stage when we’ve started getting more time to enjoy now our little girl is older!

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