Outdoor fun in the sun

I’m having a love-hate relationship with the hot weather at the moment. The huge, waddly eight months pregnant side of me, who has hot flushes even on a cool day, has not been enjoying the heat… But, the mum of a very active toddler side of me misses the sunshine when it disappears as, there’s no doubt about it, being able to get outside makes my life with ToddlerGirl much easier!

Outdoor fun in the sun

We took advantage of the sunshine this week to head to one of our local National Trust sites. I’m all about easy right now and this particular place is great for both of us. There is a lovely natural play area just inside the grounds (so no long walk required for me…) which is perfect for whiling away an hour or so. It has enough to keep ToddlerGirl busy and, being completely contained, I can actually sit down and watch her play, without the worry that she will suddenly run off to explore something that has caught her eye. This type of space is a rare find indeed!

There really isn’t a huge amount of play equipment there. However, a slide, a well placed fallen branch to climb, a balance beam/stepper combination and a large xylophone provided ToddlerGirl with plenty to do. It just goes to show how little children really need to entertain themselves.

Outdoor fun in the sun

The fact that there is a small sandy area below the slide also helps! After a few trips up and down, ToddlerGirl of course had to dig her hands into the sand, requesting her bucket and spade, which we didn’t have with us. She resorted to using her hands, making two ‘sand dinosaurs’ that were decorated with daisies and stones for eyes and duly named Spiny and Lily (which I think must be ToddlerGirl’s favourite name as everything ends up being called Lily at the moment!).

Her dinosaur creations may have been inspired by the wooden dragon bench I was sat on. There are some other lovely little touches, including a dragon archway and a cute table shaped like an oak leaf, which ToddlerGirl was particularly taken with, insisting that was where she had to sit to eat her ice cream!

I do think the National Trust does these type of play areas really well, incorporating natural elements to give children a great space to explore, with plenty of ‘scope for imagination’. This is where membership comes in handy, as I would never pop in for such a short time if I was paying the full day rate.

fun in the sun - montage2

We had the space to ourselves this particular visit, so it was like a private play area for ToddlerGirl while I got to sit back and enjoy watching her having fun.

On reflection, the heat is a small trade off for this heavily pregnant mummy when I weigh it up against the benefits that playing outdoors on a sunny day can bring!

13 Comments on “Outdoor fun in the sun”

  1. Jaime Oliver says:

    awww how fantastic you found somewhere that you font have to run round like a nutter! lol its so hard to find places that keep them entertained and enclosed! #countrykids

    • Isn’t it? And as my daughter has a tendency to leg it at any given opportunity I love it when I find somewhere fun AND contained! Thanks for dropping by from #countrykids

  2. Looks like a lovely day out :) I remember what it was like to try taking Ethan out when I was heavily pregnant (and that was in the winter!) well done you for managing it on a hot day!

  3. I feel for you, not long now and you will have a beautiful bundle of joy – it will all be worth the hot flushes. What a great playground for children to explore and have fun in. I particularly like the sign about the espresso and puppy – someone has a great sense of humour. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

    • Agh, thank you! I can’t wait now, I’m definitely ready to skip a month and bring our baby home :) Isn’t the sign good? It really made me smile! It’s such a lovely place to visit, I love all the NT sites we’ve been to so far.

  4. I know how uncomfy it is when its hot! i was preggy in our summer in the Philippines and its just draining! But I am glad that you went out with your toddler. Every moment under the sun are always priceless! =#countrykids

  5. Kierna says:

    Thanks for supporting the OPP, poor you in the heat wave I hope it cools down a little for you. I have to confess I am not a huge fan of the heat either, give me dry but cool summers any day!

    • Haha, normally I do love some hot weather but not so much since I became a mum as heatwaves are harder with little ones! And definitely not when I’m heavily pregnant!

  6. Mudpie Mama says:

    Looks like a lovely place to play. Hope you don’t suffer too much in the heat tomorrow xx

    • It’s such a lovely place to go – even better when we can run around all the beautiful grounds! But the play area is great. I love having our National Trust membership!

      (It’s actually a lot cooler here today after a massive storm last night. We appear to be skipping the sunshine here in the south west – but I don’t care at all!!) xx

  7. teentweentoddler1 says:

    I remember being heavily pregnant in the heat and it’s no fun! Good to see you’re enjoying it though x

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