Why blog?

I’ve just realised that it’s my sort of one year blogaversary this month. I say ‘sort of’ because it’s not totally straightforward setting a date for when I first started blogging!

Why blog?

When ToddlerGirl was a baby, I started writing blog posts in my head, usually as I was sitting with her sleeping on me or as I was walking around the park trying to get her to go to sleep (sense a theme there?). The imaginary articles were all about making sense of this parenting journey that I was on; the joy of watching my baby girl develop each week, the things that were far tougher than I imagined. They didn’t actually make it onto paper (screen) at that point as I was far too sleep deprived to do anything other than get through the essential day to day activities.

When ToddlerGirl was one-ish, I decided to get my mummy musings out of my head and wrote my first blog post. I followed it up with quite a few more – but all without actually publishing them on a blog! I stored them up in Word documents until I got to the point last July where I realised that I wanted to embark on this blogging adventure properly. So, I set myself up on WordPress, spent a long time transferring my unpublished blog posts over and became a fully fledged mummy blogger.

And I love blogging. I love making time to sit down and write. I love thinking of new posts to write about.

Sometimes, though, it can be hugely frustrating. Frustrating because I am a perfectionist and have a whole list of things I’d like to do to improve my blog that I never have the time to address, and an awful lot of imaginary posts that I don’t get round to writing.

It can also be disheartening. Disheartening to have a desire to grow the blog and see where it takes me but not to be able to do this as well as I would like. Or to compare to other, more established blogs with huge audiences and money making potential and think, “Hey, I’d like a piece of that!”

It can be a chore. To keep up with a regular publishing schedule on top of daily life. To be active on various social media channels.

When I start having these negative reactions to blogging, I know I need to take a step back from it and ask myself the question: “Why blog?”

Do I want to be a well known blogger with amazing stats and opportunities to earn an income from it and an awards roll call and all of that malarkey? Umm… Yes, to be honest, I would absolutely love that!

But is that why I started this blog? No. That version of my blog future is a pleasant little daydream but it’s not how I see myself making a living if I am being realistic.

I blog primarily because I love to write. I enjoy the small slice of ‘me time’ working on my blog provides. I like having an online project to dabble in while I am taking a break from my career. I find it fun to come up with new article ideas. (I made my own little magazines as a child that only my Mum ever looked at and this blog is probably some sort of extension of that!)

One day in the not too distant future, I plan to make the whole ‘work from home’ idea a reality. I have another online project up my sleeve that I am much more likely to make money from and I have been waiting for the moment to do something with it. This blog, although really just my hobby, has been an excellent training ground for my future plans.

Best of all, though, it’s lovely to look back and read about the activities ToddlerGirl and I have done, the anecdotes from our daily lives that I may otherwise have forgotten.

So, that’s why I blog. These are the reasons I need to remind myself of when I am getting a bit too caught up in it all. I’m having to repeat them to myself often at the moment, as I start to wonder how frequently I’ll be able to write come the autumn, when I am learning to be a mum to not one, but two…

This post is my reminder not to worry about how regularly I’m posting, whether my stats level off, the blog ‘to do’ list that will no doubt be my very last priority soon.

It’s my reminder that I am proud of my little blog wherever the adventure takes me next and why I will celebrate my ‘sort of’ one year blogiversary – with a bar of chocolate and a cheeky glass of something nice! Cheers!

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14 Comments on “Why blog?”

  1. Happy blogiversary! Those reasons are the exact same reasons I started blogging. It is so hard not to get caught up in it all though. I look at other blogs and think ‘but I want that’. I need to sit back and remember those people have been doing it for years and I have been going 2 months haha!!

    • Thanks! Yes, I’m just learning to be content with what I can do in the (very limited!) time I have – and to enjoy that space I get that’s all mine :)

  2. Emma says:

    Great post! It’s definitely not easy blogging as a mum of two but it’s so nice to have my blog to record special memories :) #weeklylinky

  3. Rebecca U says:

    Lovely post – totally agree with your points. It’s nice to have lots of things documented #WeeklyLinky

  4. isabeeee says:

    Time flies when you are having fun and it has for you! one year is a big achievement. Lovely post too, blogging helps document and keep the memories like a picture book. #weeklylink

  5. popping over from the new #weeklylinky and thanks so much for joining in :) a great post, it truly is. I sometimes forget why I started blogging because I get too consumed in the stats but really starting to get back on track with it. If you could please at the #weeklylinky badge to this post so people can see where you linked up from – thanks! mummy bloggers team x

    • Thanks :) It’s too easy to get obsessed with stats, especially when they are just a click away when you’re doing something on the blog. Really I should do what I used to do at work and just check stats once a month! (Oh no, is the badge not showing? I added it when I did the linky and can see it on my screen?) x

  6. Great post! I started for the same reasons and long to do it full time x

    • Thanks! It would be wonderful to write full time – that’s what I’m hoping I’ll be able to do in a year or so, maybe not this blog but you never know!

  7. I love why and how you started your blog. My advice to you would be to keep going as you are, don’t compare yourself to others and remember why you started in the first place. x x x

    • Thank you so much :) I definitely need to keep sight of why I started blogging over the coming months as I know I won’t have as much time to spend on it. If I can keep it ticking over and write the odd post here and there, I’ll be happy!

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