Go get muddy! #InternationalMudDay

Most toddlers will need no encouragement to celebrate International Mud Day! Find out all about the day, why playing in mud is beneficial for children and my top three favourite ideas for getting, quite literally, stuck in…

What is International Mud Day?

“International Mud Day is children and early childhood professionals all over the world celebrating nature, outdoors, and mess by getting really muddy.” via World Forum International Mud Day | World Forum Foundation.

Sounds like fun – ToddlerGirl will definitely approve! Find out more about the day by following the link above.

Why children should play in the mud…

“Did you know that playing in the mud is beneficial to children?” via let the children play: 10 reasons why we should let children play in the mud.

It’s official, playing in mud makes you healthier, happier and smarter!

Three great ideas for muddy play

1. Make some mud paint

Painting with mud

Give a new twist to painting with this Mud Paint Recipe from Learn Play Imagine. Top tip from the blog:  “Be sure to use a thick cardstock or even poster board or card board. Thin paper could rip with the moisture from the paint.”

2. Create a ‘wild art’ forest face

“Making forest faces is one of the simplest and most enjoyable activities that can be done in a woodland setting.” via Creating Wild Art: Forest Faces | TheBoyandMe.

This looks like a lot of gooey fun – a perfect activity to go with a walk in the woods.

3. Make mud pies – with a sparkly twist!

“Who knew mud could be so beautiful and full of sparkle?” via Mud Play Recipes ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose.

I love this idea for making princess mud pies, complete with added powdered paint, glitter, flowers and sequins. A new twist on the classic mud pie!

Want more ideas?

  • Set up a mud kitchen – ToddlerGirl has so much fun playing with hers, it keeps her occupied for ages
  • Go splashing in some muddy puddles – super easy and always a winner
  • Poke around with some sticks
  • Set up a play garden – or do some real gardening with your little one
  • Create a dirt sensory bin – add tractors and plastic animals for a farm theme

So, what are you waiting for? Go get muddy! Of course, these ideas will be just as much fun any day of the year :)

How are you celebrating International Mud Day?



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