Playtime Pinspiration: Shaving cream messy play

Let your toddler loose with the shaving cream for some fun, messy play – a perfect summer sensory activity in the garden!

Playtime Pinspiration - shaving cream messy play

To capitalise on a (hopefully) BBQ summer for the UK this year, I made a giant list of sensory activities that we can do in our garden. ToddlerGirl loves getting messy, so I’m banking on these ideas keeping her happily occupied while I can sit in the shade and supervise, without having to heave my hugely pregnant self around too much. Taking these activities outside makes the clean up that much easier afterwards. Win-win!

One of my favourite activities on the list involved shaving cream. I found this lovely idea for creating an ice cream parlour from Connecting Family & Seoul, combining both messy and pretend play elements. The set up looked simple: a few bowls of shaving cream mixed with food colouring to create the Mr Whippy style ‘ice cream’ and then some bowls, spoons and other items. ToddlerGirl would LOVE that, I thought to myself as I pinned it.

And oh, how she loved it!

I set her outdoor workbench up on the grass and laid it out with assorted Tupperware bowls, plastic plates and spoons. We also have a sweet little pretend play ice cream set, complete with a scoop and two dinky cones, that made a perfect addition. Then, ToddlerGirl watched with impatient excitement as I squirted some cheap shaving cream into a couple of small tubs and mixed in some green and yellow food colouring, to create ‘mint’ and ‘vanilla’ ice cream.

Shaving cream ice cream parlour

We marched ceremoniously outside with the tubs, ToddlerGirl bursting to stick her hands in the cream. Unsurprisingly, she was straight in there, scooping it out and dolloping it onto plates and into the cones. Handfuls of grass were sprinkled on the top and the confections were handed to me to sample.

This was all well and good but, quite frankly, it just wasn’t messy enough for ToddlerGirl. I had filled her paddling pool up nearby, thinking this would be useful for washing the shaving cream off. She had other ideas and after a while was taking huge spoonfuls of the stuff over to the pool to float on the water. I tried unsuccessfully to divert the play back to the ice cream parlour idea but this was soon completely abandoned. I realised that she was having so much fun doing her own thing, so let go of the reins and let her dictate how she wanted to play with the shaving cream.

Of course, this resulted in her slathering the shaving cream all the way up her arms in order to then go and wash it off in the paddling pool. I couldn’t help but laugh along at her absolute delight in the whole process.

Shaving cream messy play

When the activity started to wane, I filled a smaller tub nearby with clean water and encouraged her to wash up the tubs, plates and spoons, which proved to be a fun activity in itself and very useful for Mummy! I then emptied the paddling pool and refilled it so that I could clean her off before we went into the house.

Although I had expected her to spend much longer on the ice cream pretend play element, I can only count this activity as a huge success as ToddlerGirl was in seventh heaven all afternoon. She has requested to play with the ‘cream’ multiple times since then. The next time I set it all up, I skipped the pretend play idea and simply squirted the shaving cream into a couple of storage tubs for ToddlerGirl to play with how she wished. She ended up climbing into it, revelling in the slippery sensation of the cream all over her feet.

Shaving cream messy play

For my mess-loving little girl, this is pretty much a perfect activity, especially with the addition of the paddling pool. I’m sure we will be bringing it out again over the coming weeks…

Thank you Connecting Family & Seoul for our Playtime Pinspiration!

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6 Comments on “Playtime Pinspiration: Shaving cream messy play”

  1. Such great messy but clean fun! I love the idea of the ice cream parlour and how your daughter extended her own creative. Thanks for linking up and sharing the fun with Country Kids.

  2. Kierna says:

    Looks like loads of fun, perfect for outdoors too. Thanks for linking up to the Outdoor Play Party.

  3. Looks like loads of fun, we must try it! #OutdoorPlayParty

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