Down the online rabbit hole

Ahh, a blissful morning off while ToddlerGirl is at nursery. I love our days together but I do relish these precious four hours to myself in the week. I haven’t worked since she was born, so I mainly like to use to the time to do some of my ‘pseudo work’: writing on the blog, keeping up with the outside business world, a bit of pottering on a couple of other projects I’ve been thinking about. None of it is money earning but it helps me feel like I haven’t switched off that part of my brain completely. And hopefully I will be able to utilise it as a platform for working from home a year or two down the line.

Down the online rabbit hole

It may simply be a hobby for me at the moment, but it occurred to me the other day that my pseudo work is proving to be a useful training exercise. Such a small amount of time is never quite enough to squeeze it all in unfortunately (and that’s before I’ve even factored in doing any practical household tasks!), so I have definitely learnt the value of getting stuck in and making my time count.

I’m also learning the need to be strict with how I use my screen time. There are so many distractions online these days with great blogs and articles to read and a plethora of social media channels to keep up with.

Pinning, tweeting, Facebooking (I’m sure that’s a term), blogging… It’s all too easy to follow a couple of interesting links and end up down an online rabbit hole, far removed from your original intention.

Sometimes I love it. Isn’t this what’s so fascinating about the internet, this ability to stumble upon content that you’d never have found otherwise? Sometimes it’s exhausting. The pressure to keep up with it all for fear of missing out in some way, whether personally or in business. There is a definite danger of information overload and a real need to be able to sift through what’s important and avoid getting tangled up in the time-suck activities.

Luckily, I have my very own antidote to spending too much time in the virtual world in the form of ToddlerGirl, who is not at all patient if Mummy is on her ‘puter’ and will actually now tell me to stop looking at my phone. (A mummy guilt trip if ever there was one! I really do try hard not to look at it too much when I’m with her…)

With my circumstances forcing me to limit my screen time, when I manage to get online, I want to make sure I am productive, so I will prioritise what I am looking at and what I am hoping to get out of it. At the moment, this is for my own personal benefit; my spare time is so precious, I hate getting to the end of a free hour, say when ToddlerGirl has been napping, and feeling like I didn’t use it wisely! It will be an essential skill once I am working from home, though, if I ever want to get anything done.

That being said, there are definitely days when I just let myself go and follow the random links, enjoying discovering interesting new blogs and ideas. After all, sometimes it can be fun to disappear down that rabbit hole and see where it takes you. (Just ask Alice…)

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