Life’s a beach

So, here I am, lying on the beach in Spain, tapping out a blog post. Technology really is an amazing thing, isn’t it? It gives such freedom. Although also less in a way, as we have to make a huge effort to unplug! Luckily that’s not a big issue in my life right now; my challenge is carving out morsels of time to get online and write. Hence a blog post from the beach…

Life's a beach

I’m watching ToddlerGirl playing and reflecting how much easier parenting a little one is when you can be outdoors all day. She has been in her element: digging in the sand, splashing in the sea, collecting shells, stones, sticks and whatever else she can find.

You don’t need much when nature is your playground and you are armed with an imagination. Yesterday, a selection of stones was transformed into a whole family and she spent well over an hour setting up a little world for them to live in and acting out everyday scenarios – going to the shops, making a slide, tucking up for bed. It was wonderful to listen to her running commentary as she explained to her Nana what was going on!

Glancing up and down the beach, I can see children of all ages engaged in similar simple play. They are running, jumping, building, swimming. Trawling for fish. Getting covered in sand. And they all have huge grins on their faces. It’s hard not to smile at the sight. This is the stuff treasured childhood memories are made of.

Life's a beach

We may not be quite at the stage where we can lie back and know she will amuse herself with little more than a watchful eye on her (that’s why her grandparents are here helping us out!) but seeing ToddlerGirl revelling in the freedom of the outdoors is always about as easy as it gets with her.

And if that can be on a beach on a beautifully hot day, then so much the better…


7 Comments on “Life’s a beach”

  1. Aww blogging by the beach! Thats so nice! Looks like you are having fun. Thanks for sharing this thought. Nature really is .. so giving. We dont need much when we are exploring it. Just keen determination & openness to understand and accept the world around us. Hope I am making some sense. #countrykids

    • Hehe, it’s pretty cool to be able to blog from the beach – but not too much, though, I like to get my unplugged time in too! The outdoors is just easy, isn’t it, and good for the soul :) Thanks for coming over from #countrykids!

  2. Creative and imaginative play galore at the beach coupled with exploring the rock pools it’s a great natural playground for children. Have a wonderful holiday and I’m only slightly jealous! Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  3. Arthur loves the beach – I swear he’d spent every waking minute there given half the chance! My main challenge at the moment is keeping him out of the sea. He’s obsessed with water and seems to have no sense of the cold… All good fun though, and it is so lovely to watch them enjoying themselves outdoors :) #countrykids

    • Haha, we have had the same problem with ToddlerGirl – she always makes a beeline straight for the sea! It’s seeming a bit easier this year to explain to her when it’s OK for her to go in and when we are just on the beach to play in the sand so I’m actually getting to sit for a bit longer while she plays! Thanks for stopping by from #countrykids :)

  4. Sounds divine. I love a child’s imagination and the simple yet amazing world’s they create. A really beautifully written post. #countrykids

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