Marvellous mud kitchen!

If there’s one thing guaranteed to put a smile on my ToddlerGirl’s face it’s the chance to poke around in some mud. Add water and she’s in seventh heaven. So setting up a mud kitchen for her to play with in our garden was a winning activity, keeping her happily occupied for ages.

Marvellous mud kitchen for toddlers

Our mud kitchen was very simple to create. ToddlerGirl’s outdoor workbench (knocked together from some left over decking by my husband!) provided a perfect kitchen surface. I spread out a few plastic bowls and cups of varying sizes, plus spoons, a jug or two, a basket full of sticks and some handfuls of grass and dandelions from our lawn.

And, of course, the two most important ingredients: mud (I set everything up next to her mud planter for easy access) and water; we started with a large bowlful which was replenished several times.

With ToddlerGirl dressed in some old clothes, a few towels and a change of clothes at the ready, and some ground rules explained (keep the mud and water to this area please and definitely do not take any into the house…), I set her loose.

Having fun at the mud kitchen

It didn’t take long for her to get stuck in, concocting all sorts of ‘delicious’ drinks and stews: a scoop of mud here, a liberal splash or three of water there, a generous sprinkle of grass and a dandelion on the top for decoration.

Mud kitchen concoctions

I was offered several tasting opportunities as she created and had to make suitably impressed yummy noises, all the while avoiding actually having a spoonful of mud shoved into my mouth. (This prompted an additional rule: pretend eating only!)

Making in the mud kitchen

There’s no doubt that this is a MESSY activity but totally worth it on a sunny day in the garden for keeping my ToddlerGirl entertained for a good hour or so – and oh so happy to be up to her armpits in mud and the water!

Toddler mud kitchen

For a less messy alternative to our mud kitchen, have a look at our outdoor play kitchen :)


4 Comments on “Marvellous mud kitchen!”

  1. Kierna says:

    Love this post! Your mud kitchen looks fab & shows how simple designs are often the best. Thanks for linking up xxx

    • Thank you :) We have some grand plans for a ‘proper’ mud kitchen that may or may not happen – but ToddlerGirl is probably equally happy with me bringing out this makeshift one! It’s the mud and mess that are the essential ingredients really!

  2. Mudpie Mama says:

    This is an activity Little Man loves too and one that I loved as a kid. You can never have too many mudpie recipes :-)

    • Haha, definitely! I remember being sent ‘on the squares’ during playtime at infant school because I was busy making mud pies – my school was obviously no fun!

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