Easter activity ideas for toddlers

Easter is a lovely time of year: spring has generally arrived and, as well as the religious aspects, it is a time to celebrate new growth and life. These are interesting concepts to introduce to younger children and the holiday offers lots of scope for creativity and crafting to explore this in a fun way.

Easy Easter activities for toddlers

Here is a round up of fourteen simple Easter activities and crafts for toddlers. The first list are all activities that ToddlerGirl and I did last year and the second is a list of ideas that are on my ‘to try’ list for this year.

1. Read Easter books together

Easter books for toddlers

We really need no excuse to read a book together in this house but I do find that reading is a great way to introduce different ideas to ToddlerGirl that I may find hard to explain otherwise. Here are five suggestions for some Easter reading:

  • The Easter Story (Usborne Bible Tales) – introduce young children to the meaning of Easter with this simple version of the story
  • Easter Story (Candle Bible) – another telling of the Easter story, this version is suitable for younger toddlers. We have the Candle Bible Christmas story and it is very accessible.
  • Duck and Goose: Here Comes the Easter Bunny! – sweet, bright and colourful, Duck and Goose are looking for the perfect place to hide to watch the Easter bunny arrive.
  • Easter Bunny Flap Book – An Easter egg hunt in a book! ToddlerGirl really enjoyed finding the eggs hidden under the flaps in this book last year.
  • Six Little Chicks – this looks a lot of fun for older toddlers and is on my list for this year. Five chicks have hatched and want to go out to play but the Mother Hen has to stay with the sixth egg. Nosy Mr Fox is lurking, can the chicks foil him?

Why not create a spring-themed book nook to go with your Easter books?

2. Make some chocolate Easter nests

Making Easter nests

Last Easter was the first time I braved a cooking activity with ToddlerGirl and it was a huge success! Although perhaps I use the term ‘cooking’ lightly… Our first project was the classic Easter nests, which I remember doing as a child myself! You don’t really need a recipe for this but I did follow the quantities on Rainy Day Mum to give myself a guideline. This was so easy and ToddlerGirl LOVED it. She took it very seriously and I was most impressed with how she carefully scooped spoonfuls of the mixture into the cases and decorated with the mini eggs. Of course, there was some tasting involved…! But that’s half the fun anyway.

3. Go on an egg hunt

Easter egg hunt

This is, of course, the classic Easter activity for children, usually involving chocolate eggs! Last year, I decided to skip the chocolate as ToddlerGirl was still quite young and used some plastic play eggs instead. I hid the eggs around our living and dining rooms, in very obvious places, and then helped her to find them by giving her some simple prompts to guide where she looked. She was really pleased with herself when she found the eggs. A year makes a big difference in a toddler’s life and her understanding has developed hugely, so I will make the hunt a little more difficult this year – and I may include a few chocolate eggs this time too!

4. Decorate a playdough Easter egg

Playdough Easter egg decorating

Playdough is always a winning activity – simple to set up and completely open ended. To give an Easter twist, I made a few (very rough!) egg shapes out of some brightly coloured playdough and laid these out with lots of different loose parts for decorating, including dried pasta, pom poms, sequins and pipecleaners. ToddlerGirl loved squishing the pieces into the playdough and made a good stab at decorating a couple of the eggs, although the egg shapes were soon squashed into balls and she then just had fun poking the pieces in to make playdough sculptures! We’ll definitely do this one again this year as she is loving playdough right now.

5. Make an Easter egg collage

This was a really easy activity to organise but provided ToddlerGirl with lots of entertainment as she was just discovering the wonder of glue last year! I cut a few large egg shapes out of coloured paper and provided a pot of glue, a brush and various bits and pieces to stick onto the eggs, including feathers, pom poms, sequins and torn pieces of paper. The finished eggs looked lovely and we turned them into hanging decorations by sticking them onto card (this time, I will use card for the eggs to start with!) and then threading some ribbon through the top.

6. Play an Easter egg matching game

Easter egg matching puzzle for toddlers

I created a very simple puzzle for ToddlerGirl, with six pairs of colourful eggs for her to match up. This was still fairly challenging last year so I laid one set of eggs out only and then held up a picture from the matching set so we could compare each one and see which one it paired with. This year, I will mix the pairs up amongst each other and let ToddlerGirl pick them out herself. You can download our Easter egg matching puzzle for toddlers (pdf) here.

7. Do some colouring in

I had an Easter sticker book for ToddlerGirl last year that we had a lot of fun with. It included some colouring in pages, such as eggs for decorating and a couple of Easter scenes. ToddlerGirl is really enjoying colouring in at the moment, particularly if there is a printed picture for her to fill in, so I’ll be printing out a number of different colouring sheets to leave out for some independent activity time. These websites all have a great selection of free printables:

Toddler Easter activities for us to try this year

Easter activities for toddlers

As always, Pinterest provides almost too much pinspiration for all sorts of creative Easter activities. I’ve picked some of my favourites below and ToddlerGirl and I will try to do some, if not all, of these in the week or two leading up to Easter.

8. Decorate foam eggs on the window

The Imagination Tree suggests this lovely Easter activity using craft foam pieces cut into egg shapes and stuck onto a window using water. Decorate the eggs with other pieces of foam in a variety of shapes and sizes, using the water to help them stick onto the foam. Water and toddlers tend to be a good mix so this is sure to be a winner!

9. Make an Easter basket

Mummy Musings and Mayhem suggests several simple Easter crafts, perfect for toddlers. I want to try them all but the Easter baskets with little chicks really caught my eye as I think this would appeal to ToddlerGirl in lots of ways! They decorated egg cartons as the base for the basket, then added some shredded paper and a card handle before popping the chicks inside. This would also be good for collecting eggs on a hunt.

10. Make a papier mache Easter bunny

I love this cute papier mache Easter bunny from Hands On As We Grow. It looks fairly simple to make, using a balloon as the support, and I’m sure ToddlerGirl will enjoy getting a little bit messy doing the papier Mache part! Definitely on my list of Easter activities for this year :)

11. Make an Easter card

These cute little cards from Red Ted Art are easy enough for toddlers to help with. Simply let them have fun making thumbprints and then add a few details to turn these into chicks!

Easter activities for toddlers

12. Do an Easter egg puzzle

Toddler Approved has this simple Easter egg puzzle that you can use to introduce learning about shapes and numbers (or you could even use letters or words). Cut egg shapes out of coloured paper and cut them in half as if they are cracking. Write numbers on one side (Toddler Approved does these in sequence but I might try matching numbers to begin with) and then shapes on the other and lay out to play.

13. Make some hatching chicks

There are quite a few activity ideas on the Little Foundations Hub page but this hatching chicks craft is just too cute. Cut some egg shapes out of coloured card, let your little one decorate and then cut them in half with jagged lines, as if the eggs have cracked. Make a yellow chick and stick this onto the bottom half of the egg, then fix the two egg halves together using a paper fastener. Hey presto, a sweet little chick that appears to hatch out of its egg! This is a great activity as you have the craft element and then can play with the hatching egg afterwards. I think ToddlerGirl would be fascinated by it 

14. Get messy with a shaving foam Easter eggs craft!

I’ve saved the messiest activity for last, shaving foam egg decorating from In Lieu of Preschool. There’s no doubt about it, this will require some cleaning up afterwards but it definitely looks worth it: take a tub of shaving foam, add some food colouring to swirl into the goop and then place some craft foam egg shapes into the mix to colour (or you could use card). The foam shapes are great, though, as they were used as window decorations once they had dried. The pictures of this activity are wonderfully inviting – I want to dive right in myself, so I’m fairly sure ToddlerGirl would adore this. I will be taking a leaf out of In Lieu of Preschool’s book and doing this in the bath, or perhaps outdoors if the weather is good enough.

That’s my bumper Easter activity roundup for toddlers! Do you have any Easter crafts or traditions that you will be doing with your little one?

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