Playtime Pinspiration: Handprint flowers

ToddlerGirl and I have been learning a lot about spring this year, looking at the first flowers growing in the garden and in our park, reading several spring books together and talking about what flowers we might plant in our garden. With this focus on flowers, I thought it would be fun to do a simple flower craft with her. I turned to Pinterest for inspiration and found this lovely handprint flower bouquet idea on Terrell Family Fun.

Playtime Pinspiration: Handprint flowers

ToddlerGirl enjoyed this a lot – of course, because it involved getting stuck right into the painting with her hands!

For our first picture, I laid out a sheet of white paper and we painted some green grass on the bottom with a sponge and I added some stalks. Then I let ToddlerGirl choose a colour and she had fun painting her hand (very, very thoroughly) before placing it onto the paper above the stalks with a SPLAT!

Making handprint flowers

She liked this so much, I could see we were going to need some more paper! For the next couple of pictures, I let her do the handprints first and we then painted the stalks on afterwards. And after that, I just let her have fun painting her hands different colours and making handprints over another couple of sheets of paper!

Painting with hands!

This was a really easy activity to do and definitely a hit with my messy, paint loving girl, with the added bonus that it produced some lovely flower pictures as an end result. We pinned one up on our wall and I sent the others to family members as a sort of ‘happy spring’ gift!

Thank you Terrell Family Fun for our Playtime Pinspiration :)


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