Beautiful butterfly crafts #fiveforfriday

We are very much about all things spring in our house at the moment. ToddlerGirl and I have been enjoying spending a little time in the garden, digging in the sandpit and looking out for whatever creatures we may find. It is always particularly exciting to spot a butterfly fluttering by. I love to see them and ToddlerGirl must have picked up on this as she appears to be fascinated by them to0!

Beautiful butterfly crafts

For my #fiveforfriday links this week, I have found some beautiful butterfly crafts for us to try over the spring and summer. They all have the added bonus of being incredibly simple to do – so very little preparation needed and they are simple enough that even younger toddlers can join in.

1. Paper plate butterflies

This is a sweet craft to create paper plate butterflies from No Time For Flashcards. Cut a triangle shape from the top and bottom of a paper plate to create a butterfly shape, then let your little one decorate the ‘wings’ with beads, buttons, sequins, whatever shapes you have to hand. Wrap a pipecleaner around the middle for the antennae and you’re done!

2. Toilet roll butterflies

These toilet roll butterflies from Bo Bunny are so cute and equally easy to make! Take an empty toilet roll and cut two wing shapes to stick either side. Bo Bunny decorate theirs with their (beautiful) card and ribbon but to make this more toddler-friendly, you could just let your little one loose – with paint, colouring pencils, collage materials, glitter – whatever you and they fancy! Add two googly eyes and some ribbon or pipecleaners for antennae and your toilet roll butterfly is complete.

3. Paper towel butterflies

These paper towel butterflies from Happy Hooligans are great way to make colourful butterflies that even younger toddlers can do. Spread out a few sheets of kitchen roll and provide coloured water, along with various tools for transferring the water onto the kitchen roll, such as droppers or paintbrushes. The roll will absorb the water and the colours; leave to dry and then scrunch up and tie around the middle with a pipecleaner, which creates the wings effect plus the antennae. Add some googly eyes to finish. Happy Hooligans also gives two alternative ways to make the finished butterfly. I love the fact that this is a craft activity and a mini science lesson in one, as you can talk about the paper towel absorbing the water, what happens when the towel becomes saturated and, if you are using multiple colours, about colour mixing.

4. Butterfly suncatcher

I love suncatchers and these beautiful butterfly suncatcher mosaics from Smile Play and Learn would look lovely on a sunny window. Cut out a simple butterfly frame and lay onto clear, sticky contact paper (I use sticky book cover film, as contact paper doesn’t seem to be a term used in the UK!). Then let your little one decorate with pieces of colourful tissue paper. When they are finished, add another layer of contact paper over the top to seal and stick onto a window to let the light shine through.

5. Butterfly mobile

The basis for this butterfly mobile from Nuturestore is the classic butterfly craft of painting on one half of the paper and folding this over to create the same pattern on the other side. Nuturestore does this on a pre-cut butterfly template and then uses two of the finished butterflies to make a hanging mobile. This would look lovely fluttering in the breeze next to an open window…

There are so many more butterfly craft ideas out there but these are a good place to start! Why not read a few butterfly books alongside the crafting? Some suggestions include:

(NB: List above contains affiliate links.)


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