Tips for encouraging reading #fiveforfriday

You’ve probably heard that reading with your child is one of the best things you can do to help their learning and development.

Tips for encouraging reading

There have been many studies and reports to back this up, including research by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in 2002, which highlighted that reading for pleasure was the single biggest influence on a child’s educational success. For more information about reading and literacy, see these interesting reading facts from the Reading Agency.

Importantly, the key words are ‘reading for pleasure’. Children need to enjoy reading and be motivated to pick up a book outside of school lesson requirements. But what can we do as parents to help that to happen?

My #fiveforfriday links this week look at some top tips for encouraging children to read, starting from baby/toddler age.

1. Encourage reading through daily activity

This post from Delightful Children’s Books gives five tips for encouraging your child to read. There are some great suggestions for finding books, limiting screen time and making books available.

2. Don’t put your child off accidentally

There are lots of things you can do to raise a reader but what about the things we do that may unintentionally put our children off books? This is a great post from No Time For Flashcards pointing out common ways parents can accidentally discourage reading.

3. Don’t despair if your child won’t sit down to read

If you have a very active child who doesn’t sit still long enough to engage in a book, try these useful tips from A Mom With A Lesson Plan on reading with active kids.

4. Display books for easy access

Making books available for your little one to access by herself helps to encourage reading through the day. This great round up on Babble features twenty ideas for displaying books in your home. I just love the tree shelving in particular!

5. Create a cosy book nook

As well as making books readily available, having a dedicated area for reading can also help to invite your little ones to settle down with a book. These spaces can be cosy or fun, elaborate or simply a mat and a pile of cushions! For inspiration, check out this reading nooks round up from The Boo and The Boy.

Of course, exposing your children to a wide range of reading material is also important. Take a look at my Pinterest boards, Themed Booklists for Toddlers and Toddler Bookshelf, for lots and lots (and lots!) of ideas on what to read with your kids. You might also like to visit our Little Bookclub page for some of our personal favourites, along with activity ideas to bring the books to life.


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