Spring things #fiveforfriday


It’s about this time of year that I get a sort of pre-spring fever. There are tantalising little glimpses that winter is drawing to a close. Daffodils are poking through the ground, while crocuses and primroses are providing little bursts of colour here and there. The evenings are slowly staying lighter longer. There is a faint whiff of warmer spring weather in the air. Inside, I am wiggling and jiggling impatiently for the new season to arrive. If I was a bird, I would have to stretch my wings and do a few loop the loops in anticipation!

Spring things #fiveforfriday

My #fiveforfriday links this week focus on my absolute favourite season of the year, with some lovely craft and activity ideas to do with toddlers.

Spring things images

1. Spring flowers sensory bottle

This is a beautiful spring flower sensory bottle from My Little 3 and Me. Younger babies and toddlers can have fun playing with the completed bottle while older toddlers will enjoy helping to put it together. ToddlerGirl loves spotting flowers outside, especially finding daisies in the grass, so this is definitely one for our ‘spring fun’ list.

2. Bottle print flowers

More bottles needed for this easy art activity from Mess for Less, creating bottle print flowers. Use different sizes and shapes to make a whole flower garden, then stick on details such as stalks and leaves. I know ToddlerGirl would have a lot of fun with this.

3. Spring nature exploration table

I love this spring nature exploration table from The Imagination Tree. It combines a whole host of spring-themed items: found treasures from outside, books, art and any other relevant items from inside the house (in this example, they have a frog pond small world play scene already set up). This is a great way to encourage little ones to learn all about the season through independent investigation.

4. Sticks and tissue paper blossoms

This sticks and tissue paper blossoms activity from My Nearest and Dearest results in a lovely spring-like display for your house and I know that ToddlerGirl would love getting stuck in (literally) to gluing the tissue paper to the branches!

5. Growing cress caterpillar

Spring is the season of new life and this cress caterpillar from Rainy Day Mum is the perfect activity to introduce the concept of growing to toddlers. I remember growing cress as a very young child at school and I loved it, so I think ToddlerGirl will be interested enough to try this this year. Plus, there is all the fun of making the caterpillar first!

Of course, one of my favourite things to do in spring is simply to go outside and enjoy the season! This bumper post from Sun Hats and Wellie Boots provides fifty ideas for getting outdoors this spring. Oh, I just can’t wait…!


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