Outdoor fun, whatever the weather #fiveforfriday

It’s not always easy to drag yourself outside in the winter months. In the UK it is more often than not dark, cold and wet, which doesn’t exactly inspire a great longing to bundle up and get out there! Particularly when you have a toddler and leaving the house is a mission on even the best days. But, since ToddlerGirl became her super active little self, I have realised that staying cooped up indoors isn’t good for either of us. Cabin fever, anyone?

Outdoor fun, whatever the weather #fiveforfriday

So my #fiveforfriday post this week is all about the fun things we can do in the great outdoors all year round. The weather doesn’t have to be perfect and, as I keep finding time and again when I eventually do drag us out, it really does us both the power of good!

  1. Not convinced? This is a great post from Mud Mud Marvellous Mud (what a brilliant blog name, by the way!) on the benefits of getting outside whatever the weather.
  2. With all the rain we’ve been having, there is lots of gooey, squelchy mud to be found. Perfect for creating some outdoor art projects, like these wild forest faces from The Boy and Me. Yes, this is probably a wee bit messy so be prepared to do some handwashing afterwards. The entertainment value is more than worth it; we did something similar at forest school last year and ToddlerGirl was in her element! This is a good time of year for mud sculpting: as well as a plentiful supply of wet mud, it’s also easy to find lots of sticks and dead leaves etc for decorating!
  3. Turn a simple walk in the woods, or even to your local park, into a fun adventure with this scavenger hunt printable from Make and Takes. I’ve seen other, similar ideas on Pinterest where you can take photos of the items to find or just have a list to refer to, but I like the visual aspect of this one (and the fact that it has been done for me!) There are also scavenger sheets like this available at National Trust properties.
  4. Along a similar vein is this idea for going on a pattern hunt from United Teaching. There are so many possibilities for finding interesting patterns while you are out and about and his is a great way to sharpen observation skills. The United Teaching blog even has a printable template for creating a pattern book afterwards.
  5. I am much more a creature of the spring and summer than the winter months – if I could, I would hibernate! Having said that, when ToddlerGirl and I have braved the cold and wet, we have really enjoyed ourselves. Two absolute favourites have been trips to the coast for some winter beach fun and going on puddle hunts (puddle jumping is always a winner!) But even simply taking advantage of the breaks in the rain has proved to be a good antidote to being stuck indoors. I just have to keep reminding myself of that when I’m tempted to curl up and take a duvet day!

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  1. TheBoyandMe says:

    Thanks for mentioning me, much appreciated.

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