I’ve been noticing the hashtag #100happydays popping up on Twitter and on the Facebook feeds for a couple of friends. I thought I could pretty much guess what it’s about but, curious and snuggled down for a cuddly naptime with ToddlerGirl, I decided to check it out.


Basically, the idea is to find something every day that makes you smile, and take a picture to remind you and share with others. You keep this up for 100 days, as the hashtag suggests!

There is a dedicated website where you can upload your pictures but of course, you don’t need to do that even, you can simply share them on Twitter, instagram or Facebook etc. I’ve had a short browse through some of the photos linked to the hashtag and just seeing everyone’s different happy points brightened up my day.

I love the idea of this. Finding a happy moment in your day, no matter how small, is a great way to remind ourselves of what is good in our lives; to slow down and appreciate some of the loveliness around us. It particularly appeals to me as I’m feeling so rubbishy at the moment with constant morning sickness, I could do with focusing on the positives around me a lot more. Plus I get really fed up at this time of year, with an almost painful longing for spring! So I think that #100happydays is a brilliant idea to help me through this :)

I’ll post my updates each day on my Twitter account (and maybe on my Facebook page too). I may not always have a picture of my happy moment, so I’m going to do text updates too, which might not be following the idea 100% but works for me!

For example, my first one today is easy but a bit tricky to photograph:

Cuddling ToddlerGirl while she sleeps and enjoying feeling her warmth and listening to her breathing :)

I’m looking forward to finding my #100happydays. Are you planning on joining in?


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