Get creative with cardboard #fiveforfriday

Is there anything that you can’t do with a cardboard box? It’s got to the point now where I cannot possibly send a box straight to recycling – even if I don’t have an idea of what to do with it straight away, I have to hoard it for when inspiration strikes.

Getting creative with cardboard - five for friday

A while back, we managed to find ten ways to play with one giant cardboard box, which is pretty good mileage from a recycled item. More recently, we’ve found ourselves with even more boxes around than usual thanks to the Christmas season and we’ve been having a lot of fun using them.

  • A shallow Amazon box has been a boat (with some cardboard tubes as oars and a piece of blue chiffony fabric as the water), a bath for ToddlerGirl’s soft toys (with some iridescent blue tissue paper as the water and accessories including rubber ducks, sponges and towels) and a bed for her baby doll (with a pillow and cover inside to make it more cosy). We’ve had hours of play from this one box and I haven’t actually altered it in the slightest, simply accessorised. Talk about easy play…
  • Another small box (probably also from Amazon!) was turned into a sleigh with a one minute scissor job to chop one end off and taper the sides. A piece of wool threaded through the front allows ToddlerGirl to pull her toys around the room for numerous sleigh rides. This one has lasted for over a month so far.
  • A larger box has made a great bus. I did put a little more effort into this, spending maybe ten minutes cutting a rectangle in the front for a window and sticking four paper plates onto the sides for wheels. ToddlerGirl has loved playing with this, climbing in herself and singing the Wheels on the Bus and piling her toys in to take them for a ride around the living room.

As you can tell, I don’t put a great deal of effort into decorating our cardboard boxes! It doesn’t matter to ToddlerGirl as her imagination takes over. But there are some amazing ideas out there for turning your cardboard boxes into really beautiful toys. My #fiveforfriday this week picks out some of my favourite pins for getting creative with cardboard.

Getting creative with cardboard

1. I love this cardboard dolls house from Red Ted Art. The fun part of this is that you can get a whole lot of entertainment out of this before it’s even finished, decorating the rooms together and deciding what should go where.

2. This has got to be the cutest idea ever: an art museum in a box from No Time for Flash Cards. ToddlerGirl loves visiting our local museum and we often pretend to go there from the comfort of our living room on the (sofa) bus, so I am definitely going to find the time to make a little small world version for her to play with!

3. Now this is what I call a cardboard box car, from Childhood 101. It puts my bus to shame! And it was made for less than $10.

Getting creative with cardboard

4. There are lots of cardboard kitchens out there. This one from Spoonful is lovely and bright with some really sweet touches, such as the ‘window’ and the soap dispensers for taps. The site includes a list of all the things needed to make the kitchen, plus step by step instructions.

5. Aaaaarrrr. A fantastic pirate ship from Chickabug. This would take some very large boxes and a little bit of time to create, but I’m willing to bet it would keep any toddler happily occupied for a good long chunk of time.

For more cardboard creations and other DIY toddler toys, check out my Making Mama board on Pinterest.

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  1. Thank you for linking to the pirate ship featured on my blog! : )

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