Breaks in the rain

If Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year then, as far as I’m concerned, January is the worst. After all the festive excitement, the new year seems to crawl in with a bit of a whimper. It’s dark. It’s dreary. There are no pretty Christmas lights to cheer it up. I start to long for spring in a way that makes me incredibly restless.

Breaks in the rain

To compound my dissatisfaction with January, we have had a LOT of rain recently. Being stuck indoors for days on end with a very active toddler is tough. We both go more than a little stir crazy but I have to admit that it can be hard to drag myself out on cold, grey days.

Needs must, though. We’ve been taking advantage of the breaks in the rain to head outdoors. Even when it’s not that appealing a prospect at the outset, that shot of fresh air does wonders to recharge our batteries and energise us both. It reminds me of winter PE lessons at school: I hated the idea of going out in the cold but afterwards I always felt quite exhilarated.

Our outdoor adventures over the last week or so have taken us to our local park, where we spotted a beautiful rainbow, much to ToddlerGirl’s delight. We’ve been to some nearby woods, where we found a giant Stick Man. We’ve squelched in mud and splashed in puddles.

Breaks in the rain

We discovered a whole new play area in our park: the skate ramp. Normally this is the stronghold of the teens but on a week day morning in term time, it was laying empty, standing like a beacon to ToddlerGirl who made a beeline towards it. Cue lots of fun climbing on the steps and running up and down the ramps. It really tested ToddlerGirl’s balance and made a welcome change to the soaking wet play equipment.

Fun on the skate ramp

Of course, she also managed to find a muddy puddle to splosh around in…

Splashing in puddles

We were even treated to a shining beautiful day at the weekend, prompting us to head to the coast. This was just one of those precious afternoons that leave you feeling wonderful. We splashed in the sea, laughed at the dogs running madly along the beach and in the water, dug in the sand and felt that all was right in the world.

Fun on the beach

These outings remind me that, although it’s not always that tempting outside in January, it’s worth making the effort. I find that it’s best to head out as quickly as possible in the morning before we get too settled at home. Here’s hoping we get a few more sunshiny days – but if not, a whole lot of fun can be had during the breaks in the rain!

More outdoor fun:


4 Comments on “Breaks in the rain”

  1. Kierna says:

    It does seem like there has been nothing but rain for some parts in the last few weeks, so it is lovely to see how you over came this & had some great outdoor fun. Thanks so much for joining in with the Outdoor Play Party.

    • Thanks :) It’s good to remind myself that we can have fun whatever the weather, even if it’s not looking too appealing. ToddlerGirl does love nothing more than splashing in a big muddy puddle…!

  2. Coombe Mill says:

    I am with you all the way, it is so important to get some fresh air what ever the weather, even in the wet January we are having there are some dry spells and we always feel better for taking advantage of them.

    • It’s hard to drag yourself out sometimes but it’s definitely worth it. Although I think we may stay snuggled indoors today as it is bucketing down out there!! Thanks for stopping by :)

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