Top tips for getting organised #fiveforfriday

So 2014 is my year of getting organised… As I explained in my Project Get Organised post earlier this week, I’ve got off to a great start by making lots of lists to help me, including, erm, a master list of all the lists I need.

Tips for getting organised

Now, I’m well aware that the fatal flaw in all my list making is often that I don’t actually get round to doing any of the tasks on the list… So I have turned to Pinterest for some motivation. Wow, there are some seriously organised people out there. Having had a bit of a pinning frenzy, I am now totally inspired (and/or exhausted at the thought of it all).

Without further ado, here are my top #fiveforfriday, the ideas that I think I may actually have a chance of doing or that address a real issue in our house.

Tips for getting organised

1. Six steps to tackling organisational projects

Trying to get organised and deal with all the clutter can be just a tad overwhelming. That’s why I never end up tackling jobs like our spare room cupboard, which I’m almost scared to open in case everything shoved in there tumbles out on top of me… Kuzak’s Closet shares a printable of six easy steps to take to break down any organisational project into manageable chunks.

2. Ten habits for a well run home

This list from The Stressed Mum really makes sense. I know I need to do pretty much everything on it. Getting up earlier and going to bed earlier are my holy grail – I’m not sure why I just can’t do it!

3. Setting up a mail station

We so need to do this. And it looks really easy! A great idea from A Bowl Full of Lemons for a mail station to keep track of all the mail and papers that come into the house.

4. Free printable meal planner and shopping list

This is definitely on my list of lists – set up a weekly meal plan. Here’s a super simple meal planner from A Life in Yellow that includes space for your shopping list as well.

5. Think outside the toy box – toy organisation ideas

Drowning in toys and kid stuff? Here’s a great round up of storage ideas for toys and supplies from Attempting Aloha. I love the cute little wardrobe for dressing up clothes and pretty much all the stuffed animals storage ideas!

If the above are a bit tame and you need something more hardcore, there is also a very impressive series on Modern Parents, Messy Kids called Project Organise Your Entire Life. I need a little lie down just glancing through it but it has tons of tips for organising all areas of your life as well as checklists and free printables.

A Bowl Full of Lemons also has a 21 day challenge series which covers just about every room and cupboard in your house.

Phew! Enough to keep me very busy this weekend…


2 Comments on “Top tips for getting organised #fiveforfriday”

  1. Amanda Kuzak says:

    Thanks for the feature, I hope my 6 steps will help!

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