Snowy Christmas sensory bin

Recipe for an afternoon of silly snowy Christmas fun…

Take one underbed storage box. Add some shredded white tissue paper, some shredded iridescent tissue paper plus a couple of strands of white iridescent tinsel (there may be a theme developing here…). Pop in a few Christmassy items and ‘bury’ them (ours included four pom pom snowmen, a couple of mini crackers, jingle bells and some mini presents). Sprinkle with iridescent snowflakes. Leave in the middle of the living room for your toddler to discover.

Snowy Christmas sensory tub

Voila! Afternoon entertainment sorted.

The tub looked very inviting sparkling under our living room lights. ToddlerGirl needed no encouragement and dived in up to her elbows, rummaging around and excitedly pulling out the hidden treasures. Curling strips of red holographic tape were examined and then put on our arms as bracelets. The first of the snowmen was found, followed by a hunt for his three other “snowmans” friends. A small wreath of bells was pulled out and given a good shake, along with a quick rendition of jingle bells for good measure. Eight little presents were fished out and counted. The mini crackers went down particularly well, although she declared that she “not like the smell” they produced when pulled!

All the goodies were lined up in a neat row and then she put a select few back in the tub to find all over again. There was some sweet pretend play with the snowmen, as they were given a pile of presents and then covered in an avalanche of shredded paper ‘snow’.

Even I couldn’t resist sticking my hands in the tub for a rummage. It was wonderfully tactile, with lots of different textures to explore. I loved how soft the iridescent shredded tissue paper felt but funnily enough ToddlerGirl wasn’t so keen on this. Her favourite was the white shredded tissue paper, which she swished and scrunched and lifted and pulled in between her fingers.

After a while, ToddlerGirl decided to decorate Mummy, draping tinsel around my neck. I plonked a bit of shredded paper on my head, which she thought was hilarious, adding handfuls more to make “funny Mummy hair”.

Fun in the snowy sensory tub

Eventually, the lure of the shredded paper was too great and ToddlerGirl just had to take her socks off so she could stand in it. Off came the trousers too and soon she was immersed in her “snowy bath”. We buried her feet under the paper and she wiggled her toes to make it rustle, giggling at the tickly sensation.

We had so much fun exploring this snowy Christmas tub. It was a gorgeous sensory experience for ToddlerGirl and gave us a good forty minutes or so of entertainment, which I count as a great success! I’d laid a blanket down to catch all the mess, although it was pretty easy to scoop everything back into the tub and give the living room a quick hoover to catch the straggly pieces of shredded paper that I’d missed. I’ve stored the tub away to bring it out again for another play session in the new year – with some extra shredded white tissue paper for even more ‘snowy’ sensory fun!


3 Comments on “Snowy Christmas sensory bin”

  1. Fun! Can’t wait to try this with my toddlers!

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