Those little things…

You know when you’re having one of those days when it all seems hard? You’re tired; in my case today, struggling with a miserable cold that I can’t shake off. The house is chaos and when you start thinking about all the things that you need to do, you get a headache and don’t know where to start. You’ve been running about an hour behind yourself all day, having been unable to summon enough energy to get both you and the toddler dressed and out (which in our household is no mean feat on the best of days!). You’re grumpy and snappy and completely and utterly fed up.

Then, in the middle of it all, just as it’s beginning to get overwhelming, something happens to stop you in your tracks and turn it all around…

Those little things - ending a hard day on a brighter note

Yep, that’s been me today. We’ve just about made it through intact, although as I tot up all the items on my mental to do list, I am still feeling more than a little snowed under. The idea of blogging had gone completely out of the window. I’ve got a couple of posts to do on some activities we’ve had fun with recently but I had decided I really was not in the right frame of mind to write – unless it was a long list of things that I’m fed up with right now, which I realise wouldn’t have been all that interesting to read about.

So, what has helped to improve my crappy day? My little ToddlerGirl, of course. After dinner, she decided to get her felt shapes out and then spent a happy half an hour or so making pictures with them. The Husband called me into the living room to show me how she’d put together her train and flower puzzles that I’d made for her and then created a brilliant sail boat out of some of the shapes all by herself. Despite being in the middle of post dinner kitchen cleaning, I sat down to watch as she found more shapes to make pictures with, narrating her actions to us all the way. A house, with windows carefully placed in all four corners, a huge ‘door’ in the middle and an upside down triangle roof. A bird, consisting of a circle for the body and two squares as wings. To the casual onlooker, they wouldn’t have seemed like much. But to us, they were absolute masterpieces. We both grinned at each other in pride and gratitude for our little girl. Watching her creativity, her delight in making the pictures and her obvious pleasure in having us both there with her was like a tonic. I smiled and smiled and my day instantly got a whole lot better.

Obviously, I’m still feeling ill. The house still looks like a bombs-hit-it. I’ve still got to (argh) go to the supermarket in a minute to do the weekly shop we didn’t get round to earlier. But ToddlerGirl has some magic essence that can melt all of that away and remind me that I’ve got it good, even on our bad days. Isn’t that the wonderful thing about little ones? They don’t have to do anything remarkable, either. Somehow, ToddlerGirl can have been tantruming all day and driven me to the end of my tether, but one big hug and an “I loves you Mummy, you’re nice” from her and the day is reset. It’s not always easy, it’s not all happy painting and crafting and fun activities. But I was reminded this evening that – sometimes, not always – all it takes is recognition of those little, amazing things they do and the day can end on a brighter note than it began.


2 Comments on “Those little things…”

  1. Lovely. Just lovely. So glad you took the time to stop and soak in those magic moments. They matter!

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