Simple, sparkly fireworks collage

This was a really fun picture for ToddlerGirl to create as it involved glue and glitter… Perhaps not for the faint-hearted as it does involve some sparkly mess, no matter how hard you try to keep it contained (well, it does in our house, anyway!). But it was totally worth it for an absorbing art activity for ToddlerGirl that actually produced a very ‘displayable’ pretty result. (I am a sucker for anything sparkly!)

Simple, sparkly fireworks collage

Here’s what we used:

  • Black A4 card
  • PVA gloopy glue and paintbrush
  • Lots and lots and lots of glitter!
  • Sparkly pipecleaners in gold, silver and purple, cut up into small pieces
  • Green curling ribbon, cut into pieces

I let ToddlerGirl loose blobbing and painting the glue onto the card. She loves using glue at the moment, so this went down very well. There isn’t a great deal of sticking going on, however! She seems to really enjoy the act of adding the glue, spreading it around all over the place and then putting just one small item in the middle, leaving lots of unused glue on the page. This has been very hard for me to take as the whole point of glue is, of course, to stick items onto… After a few sessions, though, I have accepted that this is because I am looking at it from my closed adult perspective! For a toddler, glue clearly offers a whole new texture to explore and experiment with, so I have decided to let her daub away without giving (too much) direction to actually stick something on it!

I gave her a pot with the cut up pipecleaners and curling ribbon and casually wondered whether any of these items would stick to the glue on the page. ToddlerGirl responded immediately by grabbing the entire contents and plonking them in the middle of the page! With a little squishing, they were precariously staying put and looked rather effective.

Next, I pointed out the pots of glitter, which ToddlerGirl enthusiastically and liberally sprinkled over the card. I helped her to shake it off and we marvelled at the sparkles left behind, stuck onto the lashings of glue she had applied.

By the next day, the clump of pipecleaners and curling seemed to be holding fast and we were left with a gorgeously sparkly and striking picture. The 3D element of the pipecleaners works wonderfully to give the feel of fireworks bursting in the night sky. ToddlerGirl was very proud of her efforts and demanded the picture be displayed on the wall, which I was more than happy to do! I love the way it sparkles under our lights. Perfect for Bonfire Night.

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