Playtime Pinspiration: Painting with water

Hmm, what to do on a hot summer’s evening to keep ToddlerGirl amused while I make dinner? Something quick to set up. Something (relatively) mess free. Something that requires minimal supervision.

Of course, we all know that Toddlers + Water = Hours of Fun! But watery activities aren’t usually the things to consider when needing to leave your toddler to it, for obvious safety reasons, as well as the more-than-likely irresistible temptation for creating a huge watery mess.

Playtime Pinspiration - Painting with water

Luckily, I remembered Rainy Day Mum’s no mess fence painting blog post that I spotted on Pinterest a while back. I knew ToddlerGirl would be in heaven with this one and have been waiting for a chance to do it.

It was a very quick activity to set up: a couple of very small bowls of water and our paint tray, plus an assortment of our little paint rollers and paintbrushes. I knew ToddlerGirl would get pretty wet, so I made sure I had a towel and change of clothes for afterwards. And then I let her loose!

She didn’t need any introduction to this one, although I did give a quick explanation of where it was OK to put the water (on our patio windows and the fence posts) and where it was most definitely not (in the house). She really took this all in and didn’t bring any of the water into the house, standing at the patio doors to call for me to refill the water bowls when she had used (tipped out) all the water. I was actually quite surprised at how well she listened to the ‘rules’ of the game and it’s made me think I should make more of a point of doing this before other activities.

Our outside decking area is very safe and contained, so I was happy to leave ToddlerGirl to play by herself and pop in and out every few minutes as I prepared dinner in the kitchen. There wasn’t enough water for her to do any harm to herself and not enough to get really messy with either. ToddlerGirl busied herself carefully rolling the water onto the windows and the step, making it all nice and ‘clean’. Then she went along the fence, painting the water on with the brushes. Unfortunately, I only had our little paintbrushes to hand; I think this would be even more fun with some proper adult sized brushes.

Of course, the water was also transferred from bowl to paint tray, bowl to bowl, bowl to ground, bowl over self… I was prepared for this and, let’s face it, it was probably half the fun for ToddlerGirl! As it was such a hot day, it really didn’t matter and the clean up afterwards was pretty painless – wet clothes whipped off, quick towel dry and dry clothes on, ready for dinner.

This was a great fun activity that ToddlerGirl absolutely loved. The seriousness with which she undertook her ‘painting’ (or cleaning, which is what I think she actually felt she was doing), was so sweet to see. Definitely a hit! Thank you Rainy Day Mum for our Playtime Pinspiration!

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