Summer of fun – bucket list of toddler activities

After such a long, cold winter, spring seems to be giving way to summer very quickly this year. It is May already and my thoughts are turning to sunshiny days spent outdoors. Well, I hope that will be the case anyway. Surely we can beat the washout of last year…?!

Summer of fun bucket list

I am seeing summer ‘bucket lists’ all over Pinterest and am feeling inspired. When I sat down and thought about all the things I’ve been half planning for the summer months, I realised that I have enough for several lists! So I have split mine into three: summer play activities and experiences; days out in our local area; and events that I’d love us to get to. This isn’t a must-do prescription for our summer, though. I like to leave a lot of room for spontaneity and going with the flow. This is more of a reminder list of things I have tucked away in my mind so that I don’t get to September and think ‘Argh, I really wanted to do xyz, how could I have forgotten about it’.

So, here’s my master list of summer activity and play ideas to try at home (mainly in the garden) with ToddlerGirl this year.

Water play features prominently of course. Toddlers + Water (+ Ability To Be Outside and Reduce Mess) = Lots of Fun!

Equally, being able to take messy play outdoors makes this type of activity a lot easier to manage:

  • Set up a few different sensory tubs, such as this lovely garden one
  • Create a small world beach scene
  • Use our paint rollers for some arty, messy fun
  • Make a collage with things we can find in the garden/park
  • Make a footprint and/or handprint painting on a giant roll of paper
  • Dig in the sandpit (of course)

I love the idea of taking our pretend play into the garden:

And I definitely want to utilise our outdoor space for some active play in the fresh air:

Then there are the quintessential summer experiences to savour. I’m sure I don’t need to actually write these down on a list as we will have them covered anyway, but for the sake of completeness…

  • Have a picnic (or ten!)
  • Eat strawberries and cream and watch Wimbledon
  • Let the grass tickle our toes barefoot in the garden
  • Read our books in the garden in a lovely, shady book nook
  • Take a stroll along the seafront with an ice cream
  • Paddle in the sea
  • Explore a rockpool
  • Make a sandcastle
  • Swim in an outdoor pool
  • Have a BBQ
  • Go to a summer festival

And just for us grown ups:

  • Sit on our back porch and watch the sun go down with a glass of wine
  • Light our firepit and have an evening under the stars

Phew! Do you think we’ll squeeze all that into our summer? As I mentioned, I’ve also jotted down a list of all the places I’ve been wanting to visit with ToddlerGirl in the warmer months and the events in the area that sound like fun, so I’m fairly sure that there will be many things we don’t get to do – but half the fun is in the planning, hey?

Do you make a ‘bucket list’ for the summer or do you prefer to take it as it comes? What activities would you include on your list?


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