Jungle/Zoo Themed Book Nook

It’s no secret that I love books and, well, pretty much anything to do with books. My new favourite obsession is creating comfortable and playful spaces where ToddlerGirl can enjoy reading. I started with a ‘cosy corner’ last year (simply a mat, some cushions, a basket of books and maybe some soft toys) and more recently have been playing around with themed book nooks – we’ve had a book cave in a cardboard box as well as spring themed and under the sea themed book nooks!

I was looking through ToddlerGirl’s book collection the other day and decided that it would be interesting to group together some of her books by theme as a way of a) reinforcing the similarities in the stories and b) bringing out some books that we perhaps haven’t looked at for a while.

The first of these is our jungle / zoo themed book nook:

  • Our rainforest mat (which, by the way, we have had so much use from, long after the play gym element has been packed away)
  • Two cosy cushions
  • A few of ToddlerGirl’s zoo type toys, including some soft toy monkeys, Sophie La Giraffe and her safari train with Dumbo and Simba
  • Most importantly, a selection of books: Monkey Puzzle, Dear Zoo, Little Monkey, Animal Spots and Stripes, Monkey and Me, Never Shake a Rattlesnake

These are all books we’ve read before. Some are library books, some we haven’t looked at for ages. All of them have been read multiple times today since laying out the book nook. ToddlerGirl went straight to it this morning and has returned several times through the day to find a book, play with the toys or just spend some time looking at the rainforest mat.

To go with the book nook, I recycled our spring garden box to create a quick and easy animal park with a few of our wooden zoo animals and some wooden puzzle pieces. ToddlerGirl gave a lovely giggle when she saw it and has been playing with it off and on through the day. I’ll leave both things out for a little while longer until she seems to loose interest. I’m already plotting what theme comes next…


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