How does your garden grow – great gardening play fun!

It’s fair to say that I’ve been longing for spring for pretty much all of 2013 so far. Well, whisper it, it seems it may finally have arrived… I don’t want to scare it away as we’ve had a few false starts to the season already.

Back when I was dreaming of warmer weather, I started plotting some gardening and outdoor play projects. I thought the first on the list would be to install a sandpit for ToddlerGirl but, as we had some wood left over from our back porch extension, we ended up making a lovely wooden planter for her instead, which we filled with peat as a mud garden. This has been in place for a few weeks now and it’s already seen lots of action! Perhaps unsurprisingly, considering it involves mud, water, digging and getting messy, ToddlerGirl absolutely loves it.

Today, with a free afternoon, I decided to see if it would occupy her interest for long enough to allow me to do some gardening. It did. I managed to dig over our small, straggly ‘dead bed’, that really was looking very sorry for itself, replant one of our shrubs that was being dwarfed in another bed and do a few tidying bits and bobs. ToddlerGirl was equally busy, moving the soil from her planter into a tub of water, moving the water into the planter, scooping, digging and pouring and then scooping, digging and pouring some more. She wandered over to ‘help’ me a couple of times and we found some worms and woodlice to look at, but mainly she preferred doing her own thing.

We had a beautiful time outside in the sunshine, listening to the birds singing and spotting (the very many) aeroplanes flying overhead. I’ve had a sneaking suspicion that the arrival of spring would make entertaining a toddler a lot easier and today has cemented that. Here’s to a long, long summer (please…)!


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