World Book Day activities: Visiting the library and some books about books

I like nothing better than returning from town with an armful of lovely new books to read, either for myself or for ToddlerGirl. This would be an expensive habit if it wasn’t for our local library. We are regulars there, visiting at least once a week, and ToddlerGirl’s library card is always maxed out.

Visiting the library for World Book Day

For our World Book Day library trip today, I decided to see if we could track down any books about the pleasures of reading. I have spotted a few on previous visits so was pretty sure we’d find at least one or two.

The library may not seem like an ideal play venue for a toddler but it actually is. Once ToddlerGirl started to get mobile – and therefore impatient if stuck in her pushchair for too long – I began to drop in when we were in town to give us both a break. Our library is being refurbished at the moment but the temporary one is still great: there is space for ToddlerGirl to run around (in the enclosed children’s library, as I’m sure people wouldn’t appreciate this in the grown up sections!), there are toys to play with, a rocking horse that she loves to ride on, singing and storytelling sessions, some cosy seating areas and, of course, stacks of books. To be honest, she doesn’t always sit still long enough to do much reading in the library itself but I am not too strict about that as I know we do a lot of reading at home. The act of going to the library – providing access to lots of books – choosing books to read there or take home – making this a regular part of life – all of this I’m sure will be beneficial for ToddlerGirl’s long term relationship with reading.

Books about books are a good way to reinforce the message that reading is fun and an every day activity. With this in mind, I went hunting through the stacks to see if I could find anything on this theme. I did manage to find two suitable for ToddlerGirl: Lulu Loves The Library and Spot Goes To The Library.

Lulu Loves the LibraryLulu Loves The Library takes us through Lulu’s regular trip to the library on a Tuesday (which I liked in itself, as Tuesday tends to be our library day!). ToddlerGirl has been enjoying the step by step account of Lulu’s day as it is very simple and clear: waking up, packing her book bag with her library card, walking to the library, returning her books, listening to story time, choosing new books and taking them home to read. I’m sure she can identify with Lulu to some extent and I have tried to emphasise the parts that ToddlerGirl and I do when we go to the library.


Spot Goes to the LibrarySpot Goes To The Library is in a similar vein, with some lovely bright illustrations and one or two sentences of text on each page. Spot takes out a huge stack of books to read, which he promises to return next week. This is just like ToddlerGirl and me, so again, I’ve been highlighting how this is like our trips to the library so that she can hopefully identify with the story.


There is another book in the Lulu series called Lulu Loves Stories, which we have read previously and ToddlerGirl loves. This is great as it shows how Lulu plays games based on the books she has been reading, so it is a good one for encouraging book play. And of course the wonderful Julia Donaldson has got this covered with Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book, which I definitely need to track down for another time as we love pretty much all the Donaldson/Scheffler books we have read so far!

I’d love to hear any recommendations you may have for books that tell us directly about the wonderful world of reading for World Book Day and beyond.

(NB: Post contains affiliate links.)

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